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Frea-capped (DVD and Gimmicks) Review

Official Review

July 25th, 2014 4:53am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I hated this when I watched the video. I felt the trick was really obvious. I ran thru it quickly for a friend, and she was fooled, and said, “Do it again.” I did, she busted it the second time when she asked to see the marker.

Granted, this is meant to be a throw away. You have to put the marker away immediately after the stunt, and you have to switch the regular marker for the gimmicked marker after it is used.

The trick is solid. The DVD teaches you how to make another gimmick from another Sharpie or almost any kind of pen. It also teaches you a variety of ways to switch the markers. The 30 dollar price tag is a little steep for a 3 second trick like this. If it was twenty I think that would be a better value.

There is also a MAJOR angle issue. If you do this for a table on one end of a restaurant or cocktail party, and then do it on the opposite end of the room, if they look over as you do this trick, they WILL see how it’s done. If I’m going to do something in my professional strolling work in the real world, I need something a little more bullet proof than that.

I think a teacher could do this for his class the first day of school, and be the coolest teacher ever. In that situation, the angles are right, and the distance/position of authority allows for them to not ask to see the marker.

This is not bad, it’s easy to execute, and a surprising effect. It’s a little over priced, and there are some major angle issues, but overall, this is decent.

Three Stars

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Product info for Frea-capped (DVD and Gimmicks)

Author: Jonson, Kieron; Temple, Duncan; Rowe, Steve
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

An incredible, self working piece of visual magic. A Sharpie marker that impossibly recaps itself!!!

Freacapped is an ingenious gimmicked Sharpie marker that allows you to perform an incredibly visual piece of magic with NO SKILL REQUIRED!

As seen on TV. Includes special Sharpie gimmick that magically recaps itself!

Imagine - you uncap your Sharpie and hold the pen and lid in one hand. A little shake and incredibly the lid is back on the Sharpie. You offer to repeat this stunt, but this time you place the pen and the lid between your teeth. With your hands at your side you spin on the spot, and, as you turn to face your audience, the Sharpie has recapped itself.

Utterly impossible. Incredibly visual. TV Magic in the real world.

From the minds of Kieron Johnson, Steve Rowe and Duncan Temple this jaw dropping effect is totally self working. Anybody can perform this incredible trick.

Comes with the special Sharpie Pen, plus material and instruction on how to build your own Freacapped gimmick in almost ANY PEN DESIGN!

"Just BUY IT!'"
- Alan Rorrison

"You would be a fool to underplay this."
- James Brown

"I LOVE it. It's crazy."
- Ravi MayarSuper easy to perform Featured on the popular TROY TV Show in the UK. Comes with hand gimmicked Sharpie, and the material to build replacement gaff. Created by Kieron Johnson (Remaxed, To The Max, Chaotic) High production values and excellent indepth teaching.

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