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Worker's Dream Review

Official Review

June 30th, 2014 12:43am
Reviewed by Fredrick Turner
When you perform in close-up situations like restaurants, cocktail parties, or banquets, it becomes apparent quickly that those who do the most with less win. Lots of props lead to bulging pockets and pocket management issues. A prop that fills multiple uses is ideal. One such prop is Harry Robson’s “Workers Dream.”

The best analogy for this prop is its a “Swiss Army Knife” wallet. With this nicely made, leather wallet you can perform three versions of card-to-wallet, an “Out-to-Lunch” type effect as well as use it for peeks. It will fit in the back pocket or the breast pocket of your jacket or suit. The card-to-wallet effects are card-to-sealed envelope, card to just the wallet and a Mullica-type card to inner wallet. In a strolling or table performance situation, you could work three to five groups without resetting. However, on the DVD creator Harry Robson shares how he sets for multiple card-to-envelopes. The “Out-to-Lunch” and peek features are just icing on the cake. I think you would want to make up your own version for the “Out-to-Lunch”.

Workers Dream" comes with an instructional DVD, envelopes, a set of gaffs for the envelopes, the “Out-to-Lunch” cards and a few extras for the peek features. A really nice package with a great deal of flexibility.

My only hesitation on this product is the price point. I could be wrong but based on a quick search at a few dealer sites, this is about twice the price of most of the other models. Of course you could argue that the other models only have one purpose. But that's an argument that you would need to have for yourself.

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Product info for Worker's Dream

Author: Robson, Harry
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Retail Price: $167.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

Harry Robson is an expert on the Card to Wallet, and his latest wallet is the result of a lifetime of experience building and performing this fantastic classic. This wallet incorporates all of the best features that the working magician could ever need. With this wallet you will be able to do:

Impromptu Signed Card to Wallet
No matter what the situation is, this wallet is always ready to reveal a signed card. Without any preset, you can reveal the card in the wallet, repeated as many times as you like.

Signed Card to Sealed Envelope
Take the card to wallet concept to a whole new level. Not only does the spectator's signed card end inside the zipped compartment of your wallet, but it is also in a fully SEALED envelope. Using Harry's special "Hands Off" method means the spectator can open the wallet and take the envelope out themselves! Not only that but this is INSTANT RESET. Perfect for table-hopping, cocktail parties and can even play to a large audience.

Out To Lunch
This is a built in feature of the wallet with some mind-blowing ideas using the famous Out to Lunch principle. There are a number of unique features to this wallet and this is just one of them. Imagine a spectator writing and signing their own prediction. When the prediction is shown to be incorrect the magician is able to correct the signed prediction and create a lasting memory!

Wallet in a Wallet
The ultimate impromptu signed card to impossible location. A spectator selects and signs a card. You can then reveal their signed card to be inside a small wallet which itself is inside your larger wallet. This is a mind blowing effect and is yet another feature of The Worker's Dream.

Peek Features
This wallet also contains TWO forms of an external peek! This means a spectator can write any piece of information they like, seal it inside the wallet and the magician is able to peek the information cleanly and clearly.

Harry has been developing wallets for over twenty-five years and has managed to combine all of the best features of the past into one truly unique package, all at an attractive price for a wallet of this fine quality.

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