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A Single Needle Review

Official Review

September 6th, 2014 2:16am
Reviewed by Josh Burch
Wayne Houchin needs hardly any introduction. He has performed on TV and consulted for some of the most popular magicians of our time. Almost all of his products are solid, strong and fairly creative.

A single needle was created out of necessity for Houchin. He says that he wanted to find a quick way to perform the needle swallowing that he might be able to do on television. For this reason he has asked that on receiving this DVD that you not publish any performances online or on television. He claims exclusive television rights at the moment. But if you are looking for a strong piece of "parlor" magic this is a great trick. I put parlor magic in quotes because really this is a very versatile trick that could be performed fairly up close or on stage.

The actual effect is significantly different from the classic needle swallowing. You'll remember that in the past a group of needles would be swallowed, then some thread, then the needles and the thread would be regurgitated together. In Wayne's version the spectator places the needle in your mouth, it is swallowed and then they, using the thread, "fish" the needle out. The thread is handled freely, it is wrapped around the participants finger and never leaves the audiences sight until a needle is pulled out, tied to the thread.

On the DVD you get multiple performances. One is in a parlor setting and the other is on a stage for a group of 3000. It is noted that even for a large group the needle catches the light in such a way that it is highly visible.

If you are willing to Sacrifice the part where the spectator puts the needle in your mouth there are some alternative handlings provided. While these may be slightly safer there are no methods that completely avoid putting a needle in your mouth. With that understood this is definitely a trick that should only be performed by responsible adults.

I think that the versatility and ease of method give this trick 4 stars.

Product info for A Single Needle

Author: Wayne Houchin
Publisher: Ellusionist
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Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

From the age of 12 Wayne has been obsessed with Houdini’s ‘East Indian Needle Mystery’ - commonly known as ‘the needle swallow’. His first effects involved toothpicks tied to thread and the swallowing of uncooked spaghetti - but from inauspicious beginnings came the stage version he performs in his stage show, involving 60 needles over a 12 minute routine.

After closing his stage show with the full version for years, Houchin stripped the trick down in order to discover what makes needle swallowing so effective. He distilled the effect down even further, to what has become A Single Needle and knew that the effect had become an impromptu street classic.

While Wayne has made every effort to create the safest version of this effect possible, there is some risk of injury involved. Multiple methods are discussed that heighten the illusion of danger while substantially lessening the actual danger to the performer.

By purchasing and/or performing the effects on this DVD, you acknowledge that performance of any method is at your own risk.


• Unique handling means the thread never disappears from sight.
• No gimmicks - needle, spool and thread and you're ready to perform.
• Multiple versions taught including a "For the Faint of Heart" method.
• Cherries and Giant Cupcake not Included.

This is not an effect that can be missed. Order 'A Single Needle' Now.

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