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Lubor's Gift Review

Official Review

June 15th, 2014 2:23am
Reviewed by Fredrick Turner
Lubor’s Gift is a delightful product. It's a collaboration between Paul Harris Presents, Lubor Fiedler and Alan Wong that resulted in what I feel is the best “Gozinta Box” set yet.

If you are not familiar with Fiedler and his work, I would highly recommend seeking out the March 2014 issue of Genii. There will you will find a great introduction to the man, his life and his work. “Lubor’s Box,” as it was called originally, debuted at FISM in 1970. Since that time, it's been released as the “Gozinta Box,” the “In and Out Box” and assorted other names often without credit or royalties. It's been relegated to being a piece of cheap plastic slum magic. Fortunately Lubor’s Gift changes the situation.

Alan Wong’s design for Lubor’s Gift gives intention to a prop that can easily be just a puzzle. I am not degrading puzzles but puzzles aren’t magic. The outer box is decorated with stamps and stickers as if it traveled the world to get to you. One of the features is that a set of matching stickers that can be placed on top of the printed ones to make the box look more realistic. The inner box is a striped gift box which plays a clever optical illusion on the eyes when it becomes the outer box.

The package includes an instructional DVD featuring Justin “Bro” Gilbert explaining the box, offering tips and a few performance presentations. One of which is Paul Harris’ which I must say is very Paul. Your presentational frame for Lubor’s Gift will be the key to this effect. Without a good frame or intention, it's a puzzle. If this appeals to you, then please spend time thinking through your frame.

I have read where some have claimed Lubor’s Gift is too expensive but I, for one, am happy with the price point. You are paying for a quality prop which it is. If you want to spend less, there is a plastic set on the rack in the corner.

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Product info for Lubor's Gift

Author: Fiedler, Lubor
Publisher: Paul Harris
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $99.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Paul Harris Presents

Lubor's Gift

Created by Lubor Fiedler

Manufactured by Alan Wong

The Gift That Keeps on Giving!
You open up a stamped shipping carton and remove a colorful gift box --- and then, impossibly, you proceed to put the stamped shipping carton into the gift box. What was once on the outside is now on the inside...and vice versa. Each box fits completely inside the other...again and again. It's a flat-out impossibility --- and yet, there it is!

Box, Box, Paradox
Lubor's Gift is a completely updated version of Lubor's classic Gozinta Boxes. Paul Harris fell in love with this astonishing paradox, brought it up to date with a new look, then commissioned Alan Wong to collaborate with Lubor Fiedler to do the stunning re-design. Lubor's Gift is the result. This is the only version personally endorsed by its genius inventor, Lubor Fiedler, who uses it in every one of his shows..

An Out-of-the-Box Visual Miracle
Magic doesn't get any more organic or visually impactful than this. The two boxes' contrasting colors and sharp design elements are an integral part of the illusion itself, and enable you to perform Lubor's Gift on the largest stage and at the most intimate get together. It's a phenomenal example of "plays big, packs small." Best of all, it's self-contained and nearly self-working; you'll turn your audience's minds inside out within minutes of opening it. Go ahead and hand your spectators both boxes --- there's absolutely nothing for them to find.

A Beautiful Package That Packs a Punch
Lubor's Gift is precision-made and custom-crafted from the highest quality art board. This is an unforgettable effect, impossible object and collector's item all in one utterly magical package. It's extremely easy to do, and you're guaranteed to have tons of fun performing it. So give your audiences a present they'll never, ever forget with Lubor's Gift!

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