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Black's CTW (Card To Wallet, BLACK) Review

Official Review

July 9th, 2014 12:24pm
Reviewed by Josh Burch
I need to start this off by saying that I received this as a gift and I’m grateful for the gesture but this is not a usable product. I almost feel like this was created just to take advantage of young magicians who are eager to be the next David Blaine.

To start off with the good, the wallet looks kind of cool and has a nice chain and zipper. It comes with a DVD and it is decent. Chris “Orbit” Brown makes an appearance and teaches a few nice card moves but the positives stop somewhere around there.

The ad copy claims that no folding is necessary yet the load door is much too small for a regular card. Even if you manage to shove a full card into the wallet you can’t get it out of the zippered compartment. They have made no attempt to hide the load door at all. It is easily visible both when the wallet is opened and closed making it completely useless. Even trying to get it into your pocket is a hassle, it is too thick and too big.

For any amount of money I would recommend staying away from this. The only useful thing I got from it is the Orbit Control taught by Chris Brown.

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