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Bicycle Zombified Deck Review

May 28th, 2014 3:45am
Reviewed by Big Sam
There are a lot of zombie-themed decks out there. Some have helpful survival tips, some have cartoon zombies, but none of them are really gruesome or reflective of the zombie mythos.

Then there's the Zombified deck. It's graphics are scary and each suit represents one of the major zombie causes - radiation, virus, voodoo, and the necronomicon.

How cool is that!

If your taste in horror runs above cartoons, then this is the zombie deck to get. The stock and finish is the same Bike quality you'd expect, no gaff cards but two cool Jokers. Love this deck!

Product info for Bicycle Zombified Deck

Author: US Playing Card Co
Publisher: US Playing Card Co.
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $5.50
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Manufacturer's Description:

Designed by Billy Tackett, an award winning artist known for his unique and edgy Zombie-themed art.

These Bicycle decks are made in the USA and feature the patented air-cushioned finish, softly beveled edges, and sandwich construction for enhanced game play.

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