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Inscrutable Review

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May 9th, 2014 3:15pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
It has taken me months to write this review. Part of that can be blamed on the practical fact that I somehow misplaced the DVDs (I still had the slip cover, though... odd). But I suspect the real reason is that I wanted to keep it all to myself. I know that's not the role of a reviewer, but I'm also a magician and this stuff is just too good to be shared with everyone.

But, I have a job to do...

This is, without question, the most impressive work I've seen from someone I had never heard of. That's not to say Joseph Barry is unknown. I'm sure he's quite popular in his native UK. It's just that I had never heard of him.

It's rare that I find a single item on a DVD that I think I might do. With Inscrutable, it was hard to find something I did not want to do.

I get together every week with my dear friend Kenton Knepper and a few other guys in the Phoenix area. One topic that comes up frequently is the modern magician's fear to be bold. If you go back and look at the greats that have come before us, there was a lot of boldness in their work. They were also very relaxed... charming, nonchalant, disarming. These are all adjectives that can be applied to Joseph's work.

Many of the full routines have a mental magic feel. I won't call it mentalism because it's much more about coincidence and the joy of living in a strange world than I'm-better-than-you mind-reading. Many of these rely on boldness, naturalness and a bit of psychology. That means they're well within the grasp of most magicians (given enough time in front of real people).

But if you're looking something more technical, there enough great techniques and gambling demonstrations to keep you busy for weeks.

I've said before that I wish we had built in a 0 star rating. Now I'm wishing I had something larger than 5 stars!

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Product info for Inscrutable

Author: Barry, Joe
Publisher: Alakazam UK
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $64.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Inscrutable marks the debut of one of magic's rising stars. On this incredible 2 disc collection Joseph shares some of his prized routines, moves, subtleties and thoughts.

Ranging from self-working miracles to the more advanced masterpieces, Joseph covers every aspect in full detail.

Including over 20 routines and more than 3hrs of footage you will learn some of the most powerful, practical and seriously fooling routines even caught on film.

Disk 1
Prediction v1
Prediction v2
Psychological spread force Simple math
They match
Spread switch
Spread triumph
Spread Strip out shuffle
Hofzinser's aces<
Flow ace production
Count to aces
Think stop
Subconscious poker 10-card poker stack

Disk 2
LLL peek
Centre deal
Stand up royal flush/ace selection
Jazz gambling Demo
4 stop
Fair deal v1
Fair deal v2
In hands riffle faro shuffle technique
Out of this world
Matching the poker hand Memory poker
Spectator poker dealer Mental selection
Riffle strip out shuffle
Table Faro technique

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