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The Switch Review

Official Review

March 11th, 2014 9:43pm
Reviewed by Eugene Burger
A folded “mystery card” is placed on the table. An audience member selects a card and signs it. The selected card is replaced in the deck and the deck is riffled toward the folded card. The folded card is opened and it proves to be the signed selection. The performer’s hands are
otherwise empty.

Shin Lim is a very talented sleight-of-hand performer. The Switch is an exceptionally interesting maneuver wherein a folded card is exchanged for another right in front of everyone’s eyes. In fact, if you watch the video demonstration you will be, I think, quite amazed at what appears to be happening. I suspect that many purchasers will never perform this but instead, will buy it simply to find out how such an amazing thing is accomplished.

So…it is very good and it looks like magic.

There is an old adage in magic that goes, “Every miracle has its price.”

Let me briefly mention a few of the prices here — not to downplay the true cleverness of Shin Lim’s creation but better to inform you of some important details.

First, although I have no doubt that Shin Lim is an exceptional sleight-of-hand artist, there is a big difference between knowing a subject and having some ideas on how to teach it. The teaching here, unfortunately, involves endless repetition, continual assurances that he will teach us how to do this later on the DVD and a rather loud musical background that, for me, ranged from annoying to very annoying. Frankly, I hated the music and felt it made concentration on what was being taught — and how it was being taught — much more difficult. One wishes that Shin Lim had put as much thought into how to teach this as he did in its original creation.

Second, this is not for the beginner. I think, in fact, that many intermediate sleight-of-hand workers will have difficulty with this. If one does not do a “perfect” Mercury Card Fold, for example (where the corners line up perfectly), you will not be able to perform the version that is demonstrated at the beginning of the video. Instead, you will need to fold the card in front of the audience and then vanish it using your favorite sleight-of-hand method. Shin Lim very briefly explains several ways to do this.

Third, and finally, putting the material together may require some previous experience. If you have trouble splitting cards, for example, this may not be for you.

And so, I would say, The Switch is something for the few and not the many.

Ah, but the few who work with this will have something quite wonderful that the many can only admire and envy.

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Product info for The Switch

Author: Lim, Shin
Publisher: Shin Lim
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

From the creative mind of Shin Lim: THE SWITCH is the cleanest way to switch a folded card for a spectators signed card.

Imagine placing a Mystery card on a table, in someone's hand, in a clear box, well... anywhere. This is done in full view of the audience. You then have a another spectator select a random card and sign it. On your command you cause their sign car to vanish completely from the deck. The spectator is asked to open her hands, the mystery card that the spectators has been holding the entire time is opened. It is the signed selection!

THE SWITCH is the cleanest way to switch a card because there are no boxes, no envelopes, etc. Words cannot describe how clean the switch actually is.
You have to see it to believe it...

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