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The Egg Bag Review

Official Review

February 24th, 2014 10:25pm
Reviewed by Fredrick Turner
The Egg Bag has a long history. It's been part of the magical world for over 250 years. It's been in the acts of many, many performers. It's a classic that is magical, has audience involvement, easy for the audience to follow, and “packs flat and plays big.” All reasons for its longevity. With this longevity, much has been published over the years. So the question is: does magic need another egg bag release? In this case, the answer is a resounding yes.

This DVD package is the professional routine of Portuguese magician, Luis De Matos. One thing I have learned in magic and life is when a pro shares, you pay attention. Over the course of the one-hour DVD, De Matos shares his full handling and structure of his 4 minute routine. The routine has three phases that builds and culminates with the production of a live chick. The production of a live chick is not my choice but if it's yours, De Matos shares how to obtain and care for them. Since he gives them away, he also explains how he handles the situation if the gift is declined.

De Matos tips his thinking in designing the routine and the questions he struggled with. For example, what is the bag? Saying its a magic bag wasn't satisfactory to him. I found his answer delightful. You will also learn about Tamariz’s Comet’s Tail theory and the difference between a violent and gentle approach. De Matos includes a history of the effect as well as the blood-line of his routine. And yes, it also includes a well made Malini egg bag. No egg but that's easy remedied.

This is a great gift to the magic community. If you perform the routine, you should strongly consider this package. If you are thinking about performing it, then this is a perfect starting place. By the way at $35.00, it's a bargain.

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Product info for The Egg Bag

Author: De Matos, Luis
Publisher: Essential Magic Collection
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Luis de Matos performs and explains his professional routine for the Malini Egg Bag. In this classic effect an egg vanishes and reappears inside a little black bag. What makes this version so strong is the finale in which a live chick is produced and given to the astonished child volunteer.

This effect has been a highlight of Luis de Matos' shows for over a decade. A Malini Style Egg Bag is included in the DVD. Full instructions are given for the handling of the egg bag, the presentation and the final load. Also includes full details about handling the livestock and presenting it as a gift to your volunteer. This is an effect that will be remembered by your audiences for years to come.

English language.

DVD Tutorial (1h 04m) + Malini Style Egg Bag

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