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Hit the Road DVD Review

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August 24th, 2003 3:38pm
Reviewed by David Acer
Paul "Yes I'm Wearing A Kilt" Wilson and Lee "Yes He's Wearing A Kilt" Asher are part of a new, young breed of innovative, talented, original thinkers, so when either one of them comes out with something, I, for one, take notice. Of course, when the two of them combine forces, it's an absolute no-brainer -- this DVD was destined to eat thirty bucks off my Visa card the second they conceived of it.

Hit The Road is part documentary, part travelogue, part lecture, and it succeeds on all three fronts. The documentary/travelogue portions feature interviews with the likes of Dean Dill (on how he got The Tonight Show), James Patton (on Larry Jennings's pathological hatred of bridge-size cards), Jules Lenier (on thousand-dollar cobwebs at The Magic Castle), Steve Beam (on stupid Trapdoor subscribers), Earl Nelson (on Vernon's exquisite driving skills), and more. These are usually fun and interesting (I love the tour around the CBS lot with David Regal), and interspersed throughout the DVD so you don't get bogged down with story-telling for long before you're presented with a trick.

The greatest appeal this DVD has for me, however, is the fact that I was fooled repeatedly while watching it. This may strike you as being obtuse (it is, after all, a magic DVD), but, with the possible exception of the Jerry Andrus series, A Lifetime of Magic I can't remember having been left clueless so many times during one freaking video!

Asher WILL fool you with Resistance is Feudal, a well motivated flash change of one four-of-a-kind into another. Wilson WILL fool you with Punch Too, a revelation/sandwich effect using four-of-a-kind rather than a pair that features a double-kicker you just won't see coming. Steve Beam WILL fool you with Spiral Sliced Color Change, a transformation of one card into another that looks like real magic. Regal WILL fool you with Lucky Seven, a prediction effect that is as ingenious as it is easy. Ackerman MAY fool you with LB Meets BJ, but you'll be so bored by the time he does, you won't care. Dean Dill WILL fool you with Mish Mash Matrix, an impromptu Chink-A-Chink using four borrowed objects. And the list goes on.

Hit The Road is chock full of great magic, funny moments, and interesting anecdotes, all presented in a sincere and playful way. There's just no reason not to buy it.

David Acer

Product info for Hit the Road DVD

Author: Wilson, Paul & Lee Asher
Publisher: Murphy's Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Hollywood's world-famous Magic Castle to the casinos of Las Vegas and even into Alcatraz, join Paul and Lee as they discover the magic and magicians of America's West coast. Along the way, you'll learn magic from some of the biggest names in the business:

* Alain Nu vanishes a silk without the use of prosthetics
* The Buck Twins tip two of their signature routines
* Alan Ackerman fries another victim
* Earl Nelson teaches a classic production from "Variations"
* David Regal makes a baffling prediction
* Dean Dill matrixes with anything you like
* Ashford Kneitel finds four ladies with his "card compass"
* Steve Beam spirals and slices
* and Nathan Kranzo makes coins vanish and appear without getting burned!
* PLUS six excellent effects from Paul Wilson and Lee Asher
o A selection rises out of any deck-then finds its three mates!
o A deck of cards ribbon spreads in mid-air!
o The magician blows the whole trick-then recovers with a real kicker!
o A pack seems to come alive as it is cut in the hands-yet nothing takes place!
o Four aces are lost in the deck then found behind your back-instantly!
o Four freely selected cards change-face-up-to the four aces!

But even all of this is only the tip of the iceberg. Hit the Road is absolutely loaded with private sessions, exclusive effects and interviews featuring some of magic's most colorful characters, featuring over an hour of footage from Paul and Lee's trip plus explanations and out takes. Hit the Road is truly a unique video experience.

Approximate Running Time: 2 Hours and 20 Minutes

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