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OCD Deck Review

Official Review

February 18th, 2014 5:44pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
This is one tricked-out deck!

The effect is exactly as described in the product description and demo video. A shuffled deck rights itself into order, with even a selected card in its rightful position.

Let’s start with the card box. Yeah, the card box. No, it’s not gimmicked. But it does tell you exactly what deck it is on the bottom of the case (where the UPC code usually resides). Since this is a one-trick-only deck, that’s a pretty clever way to keep it from getting confused with other decks (normal or gimmicked).

For those of you who are sticklers for accuracy, you should note that the “righted” deck is not actually in new deck order. Rather it is in Ace-King order (from the face) for all four suits. Unless you’re working for people who play cards all the time, this order actually looks more natural than true new-deck order. So I tend to agree with their choice. However, I believe you could rearrange the deck and have it end up in new-deck order if you want (but don’t quote me on that).

The method is not new, but the folks at SansMinds have made some adjustments to the method to make it more foolproof for this particular effect. They also have some optional touches for the final display that you can choose to incorporate, or not.

The basic effect requires no sleight of hand, whatsoever. Just show the mixed-up deck, put it in the box, and dump out a deck that has righted itself.

But with a little more effort, you can really turn this into full performance piece. Add a few shuffles. Have a card selected, signed and returned. After the effect, you can give them the signed card. But note that the selected card is not a “free selection.” If you want to give the card away, or change the card from one performance to another, you’ll need a tiny bit of time to reset.

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Product info for OCD Deck

Author: Gerrard, Andrew
Publisher: SM Productionz
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

This deck does everything for you and you can even perform it surrounded. Imagine having the spectator holding a shuffled deck of playing cards along with their signed card somewhere in the deck. They shake the deck, and the entire deck, including their signed card, rearranges itself back into new deck order; Ace to king. It's a jaw dropping miracle that you and your audience are going to have a lot of fun with.

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