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The Ostrich Factor: A Practice Guide for Magicians Review

Official Review

January 7th, 2014 7:11pm
Reviewed by Fredrick Turner
Books designed to help magicians improve their performances show up periodically. Usually about one per year. The majority are well received by reviewers. I hope that they sell as even the best need a reminder. While I have not read all of them, I must say that even the ones that weren't that great made excellent points to improve your magic. However, there is one problem with all of them. The reader must absorb and put the material to work.

The Ostrich Factor is one such book. Its one that I purchased and read about 10 years ago. I recently uncovered it during a move. (Moves are wonderful to help you discover things that you had forgot about.) I decided to re-read it for our benefit.

Magician and author Gerald Edmundson discovered a trap that all performers fall into. We believe because we are experienced or have some level of success, we can skip the basics of learning and perfecting our magic. We let our success blind us. In response to this, Edmundson developed a step-by-step process of learning drawing from the masters of the past and personal experience.

In about 80 pages, you are guided from your initial concept through storyboarding, scripting, practicing and polishing. There is a section focused on learning sleights as well as one on misdirection and attention control. While not all of the advice and tools are new, Edmundson brings it all together in a well structured system. At the end, there is a bibliography for additional reading.

I am not sure if Ostrich Factor is still in print. If you should find a copy, I would recommend you purchase it and spend some time in study and reflection. The next step - action - will be up to you.

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