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Nuclear Nail Review

Official Review

January 7th, 2014 7:07pm
Reviewed by Fredrick Turner
Nuclear Nail is a metal bending effect from the creative and prolific, Bob Solari. A three inch nail is shown and held at the finger tips. It slowly bends to a 90 degree angle and then shown to soft and pliable. The nail is straightened to its original condition. If you wish, it can be examined before and after.

You receive a three inch nail, a special something and three pages of instructions that have clear photographs to aid in your learning. Comparing its price point to most "one-trick" DVDs, Nuclear Nail is a bargain. The title is a great alliteration too.

In the classic, Magic and Showmanship, Henning Nelms states that if you were talking to a friend and magically produced a ham sandwich, it would be without meaning and context. However if your friend said she was hungry and you produced a ham sandwich, you're a miracle maker. Such is the case with Nuclear Nail. It would be a mild curiosity if you simply performed it. However, if you were at an Ace Hardware or in a friend's workshop and picked up a nail and bent it, you would have a true magical moment.

Product info for Nuclear Nail

Author: Solari, Bob
Publisher: Bob Solari Magic
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $14.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Audiences LOVE bending metal effects ! NUCLEAR NAIL WILL DESTROY THEM ! You hand out an ORDINARY 3" steel nail for examination. Nail is held at your fingertips where it is seen to SLOWLY VISIBLY BEND to more than a 90 degree angle right before their eyes ! The nail seems to become pliable. The nail now bends back to its original condition where it is once again handed out for complete examination. They will find NOTHING as the nail is 100% ordinary.The nail is NOT switched ! Instant reset ! Complete with nail and special something that makes this effect a reality. Easy to follow photo illustrated instructions.

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