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Creative Magic Review

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December 3rd, 2013 4:04am
Reviewed by Fredrick Turner
I admit a bit of a struggle with this review. On one hand, I greatly admire this effort. In an age where magicians will quickly release a DVD or an instant download of their material, author, Adam Wilber, took the time and effort to write a book. I could almost recommend picking up a copy just to reinforce this behavior. The key word here is "almost".

On the other hand, there is an old piece of prose by an unknown author which states:

You can't be all things to all people.
You can't do all things at once.
You can't do all things equally well.

Unfortunately, this is the issue with Creative Magic: Learn to Spark Your Creativity. Wilber has attempted to write two books in one. The first is a book of his material and the second a book on creativity. This is a high bar to clear.

Creative Magic is divided into three sections: Paying The Bills, Just For Fun, and Concepts and Thoughts. Paying The Bills are ten effects and moves that Wilber uses professionally. Most of the effects are variations of others’ material. For example, the Back Up Plan is Wilber's version of Bill Malone’s version of a Marlo effect. Signature owes a great deal to David Williamson’s 51 Cards To Pocket. I found none of the ten to be something I wanted to spend time learning. Crediting is spotty at best. Intermixed with the ten pieces are creativity exercises. These range from variations of brainstorming exercises to techniques to broaden your thinking to advice to take up meditation. Nothing wrong with any of the recommendations. They just aren’t earthshaking.

The second section, Just For Fun, are effects that need more time to create. They are “arts and crafts” projects. The best of the six is Cash Card - a card to bill effect. It was written by Joshua Jay which I believe was originally published in MAGIC.

The last section Concepts & Thoughts are interviews with other magicians on their creative process. For me, there were familiar names like David Regal and Dan Harlan to ones who were new like Alan Rorrison and Arvind Jayashankar. These were interesting as it's always fun to read about how others approach their magic. It would have made a nice feature in Magic or Genii.

All in all, I cannot recommend this book - especially at the $35 price tag. If you want to learn about creativity and techniques to stimulate it, there are far better titles at your neighborhood bookstore. If you’re looking for new material for your close-up, there are far better titles at your neighborhood magic shop.

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Author: Wilber, Adam
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $34.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

Creative Magic has the formula YOU need to kick start your Magic Creativity AND Career. This book is for the magician who wants to create magic and make money while doing it.


"To me, creativity seems to be an expression of letting your imagination flow. Get rid of the boxes around something, get rid of your thoughts about the way it "has to" be or should be. Try several different avenues for the same thing, experiment. Use a lot of "what if" scenarios: Trick your mind into letting go of its natural boundaries..." - Brad Christian

"I believe that anybody can decide at any moment to be creative without it being forced, but this relies on the individual knowing how creativity works, and the key point is that one does not have to force, or at times barely even try." - Daniel Madison

Adam Wilber is a working Pro, for over 15 years he has been creating magic and lining his pockets with cash.

"...if you do not get this book, you will be missing a very important step in becoming a solid and memorable magician. One of the most important books a magician should read, I put this right up there with my favorite book of all time, Derren Brown's Absolute Magic. GET THIS BOOK!! " -Justin Miller

Now, it's your chance to do the same
You are going to learn 16 effects that Adam uses at EVERY paying show he does. These are tricks that pay the bills AND book shows over and over again.
You are going to learn HOW to create miracles. Every step of the creative process is explained including 9 EXERCISES in creativity that ALWAYS produce results and ORIGINAL TRICKS.
You are going to read interviews and essays from some of the most creative magicians alive today and you will get to learn the secrets to their creative success.

Here is what to expect from Creative Magic,

Earbuds - A cord, string, or shoelace MELTS through the layers of a signed selected card actually becoming part of the card. They will have to destroy their card to get the cord out. Adam even teaches you how to make these special cards and you will receive 5 FREE Earbud cards so you can perform this as soon as you get it. Normally you would have to buy the gimmicks for $20.

World's Easiest Coin Bend - A signed quarter and a signed nickel bend right in front of a spectators eyes and IN THE SPECTATOR'S HANDS. they get to take home both bent coins. A true reputation maker.

A Lesson in Sleight of Hand - The wrong card is visually changed into the spectator's signed card on top of the deck with your spectator staring right at it!

The Backup Plan - A full 3 phase routine with four aces and a selection. The selected card is placed under the spectator's hand. One ace turns face down to let you know the suit of the card and then changes places with the selection. The Ace is now under the spectator's hand and the selection is now with the other three aces.

Color Coincidence - Any 3 cards just touched by a spectator, prove to be the only cards with DIFFERENT COLORED BACKS.

19 Down - You make a selected card visually POP out of the deck at the exact spot that you said it would, 19 cards from the top of the deck.

Signature - A spectators signature is pulled off of a card and thrown back on visually then you literally peel off your own signature!

Adam's Aces - A Quick Visual production of 4 Aces in the hands.

Pop Production - 4 Aces appear by popping out of the deck, in all directions. Fast and Startling!

Sealed Surprise - A borrowed coin vanishes from a shot glass and appears inside a selected bottle of soda. The shot glass then FILLS UP with the selected soda.

Environmentally Unfriendly - You show people what is inside a battery by unscrewing the top and pouring out a glowing green liquid from THEIR battery. This is so visually shocking people's jaws will drop.

Shutterbug - A card box is turned into a "camera" that takes a perfect picture of the selected card complete with their signature on the back of the card/picture!

Boxed In - A ring and selected card change places, with the ring appearing INSIDE the deck, which has now become a small jewellery box.

Cash Card - A selected card changes places in a flash with a clean $10 bill that you can show around the card being found in your wallet.

Fah-Q - Learn to gimmick your own card box to make one prediction change into another visibly!

You will learn ALL of these professional, money making effects and ALL the creativity exercises, essays and contributions from famous magicians, Daniel Madison, Brad Christian, David Regal, John Guastaferro, Dan Harlan, Marc Spelman, Pete McKinnon and Alan Rorrison!

Here is what other people have to say about Creative Magic

"...If you're a magician, you need to pick (Creative Magic) up. Creativity at its finest." -James Kaine

It would cost OVER $100 to buy each and every one of these effects and that is without all the amazing Creativity Exercises that train you to become an inventor and creator of magic.

To get the essays and insight from all of the other contributors took Adam over 2 years!

You don't have to wait 2 years you can buy Creative Magic RIGHT NOW and start performing and creating your own miracles right away.

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