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Tick Tock Review

Official Review

November 5th, 2013 1:19am
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
First let me say that the first thing that can sell me on an effect is the creator performing the routine for real people in a real-world setting. I'm sure you fell the same way. Sean Goodman is shown doing this bit of Mentalism in multiple settings and it's obvious he's been doing it for some time.

The effect, from the perspective of the audience members, is exactly as described. There's no BS in the description. Mr. Goodman is off to a good start. He simply sold me on his performance of it. The effect didn't fool me and if I were reading this in a book, I may have never tried it. This is a case where learning this from a DVD is far better than written description.

Mr. Goodman is a charming host and I have no doubt that his audiences find him entertaining and likable. His explanation is thorough and he goes through the very simple moves several times. There's practical motivation for every thing he does. Vernon would approve. This is a rare effect in that one does have to know basic coin magic moves to present a piece of Mentalism, but I'm sure it's within the grasp of just about anyone.

The one knock, if it is that at all, is that I had never heard of "Nurse's Watches" in my life. Perhaps I'm alone here, but if that's a concern, one might want to alter their script in a way that explains why the use of these very small, unique, watches is required. This is a very good value for a wonderful walkaround effect that doesn't involve the usual cards, coins, billets, etc. I love it.

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Author: Goodman, Sean
Publisher: MagicDirect
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Retail Price: $45.70
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Manufacturer's Description:

Two watches are handed to two spectators to examine. Each spectator un-clicks the crown of their watch and turns it - the hands spin freely and fairly. The watches are now held face down and each spectator turns the crown until they feel the urge to stop - the crown is now clicked in place, the time is set.

The times on both watches match. Perfect!

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