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Silver Shifter - Half Dollar Review

August 15th, 2003 3:44pm
Reviewed by Bizzaro.
If you read the instructions for this trick you will see they claimed to have spent hours researching special FX latex and the like. I wouldn't go so far to say research.. more like threw a dart at some photos maybe. I have been in the business of Special FX make up for a while and I can tell you this trick could have been much better made. Let's look at the downsides shall we...

First the ad:
* No funny switches
* No weird palm off’s

Now according to a lawyer they used the words funny and weird to avoid a lawsuit cuz' man you sure do have to switch and palm stuff. It's as natural as a sonata gimmick. Ever tried to hold your hand naturally with one of them things on? It ain't happening.

Now the materials are.. or were when I saw it weird and you notice this as soon as you open the package. You get a baggie of silver cocaine.. no wait.. that's a powder.. what's this for? Oh.. it seems the silver rubs off the gimmick. Lovely.

They make this trick seem like the next best thing ever but in reality, your audience should only see it for a bout 5 seconds tops. It's a utility prop. (Also known as that thing that sits in the bottom of your drawer until one day you might devise a use for it.) It's a very pricey utility prop. For 50 bucks I would rather get two things than one thing.. especially when that one thing will leave me feeling gyped and pissed off.

So save yer cash and buy a sankey book. He uses real coins at least.


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Manufacturer's Description:

Silver Shifter is like no other coin device you have ever seen. With it, you can actually bend a coin right in front of your audience's eyes! The coin visibly bends, and never leaves their sight during the bend! Once bent, you immediately drop the coin into their hands for thorough inspection-it's a real halfdollar, and your hands are shown empty front and back! The effect this has on both laymen and magicians alike is truly astonishing.

* No funny switches
* No weird palm off’s
* No pressure
* No heat
* No kidding

And, Silver Shifter can be used for much more than just the bending coin routine. This incredible gimmick makes possible whole new variations on productions, vanishes and classic coin routines like Scotch and Soda-the possibilities are truly only limited by your imagination.

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