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Naked Review

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October 10th, 2013 3:34pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
If you're a fan of Brainwave or the Invisible Deck, or you just generally don't mind carrying a full deck just for the sake of one trick, then Naked is something you should consider. Conceptually, the plot is familiar but it's also visually interesting because it uses a blank deck of cards. (And thus provides its own justification for pulling out a different deck during a performance.)

In addition to not being opposed to carrying a special deck, you also have to be OK with showing laymen that blank cards exist, and in fact, can be bought in bulk. This may bother some purists, but I promise that I won't judge you.

One consideration that Naked doesn't require, however, is your skill level. It is well-routined and about as simple as possible to perform. One nice bonus is that you even get a gimmicked card that lets you completely avoid the one sleight that is necessary in the routine. And, by the way, the gimmick is provided in both Blue and Red-backed Bicycle so you can choose to perform with either color. Bravo, Elmwood Magic.

The instructions on the DVD are clear and complete. Its only flaw is that the title music is about four times louder than the audio during the teaching portions, so keep your remote control nearby unless you want to blast out your household.

I'm happy with my purchase of Naked. It's well thought out, Elmwood throws in some nice extras, and the price is reasonable. The only thing I'd change would be to drop the gratuitous suggestion of a "naked" woman from the packaging. This trick deserves better than that.

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Author: Pablo Amira
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Paul Richards and Elmwood Magic are proud to present Pablo Amira's NAKED!

You approach the audience with a “naked” deck of cards. The deck is shown to be blank both back and front. A spectator is asked to name a card - any card - a completely free choice. The cards are spread through once more and a single back appears nestled among the sea of blanks.

The card is turned over to reveal - the spectator's selection!

No force of any kind.
No rough and smooth.
No difficult moves.

Just pure magic.

Comes complete with special deck, additional gaff cards, and a detailed instructional dvd.

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