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Omni Deck Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by zombieboy
One word out of all the words in the English language can describe this God Awful trick. Torture. It is torture to watch, torture to perform, and torture to think about. This stupid block of clear plastic resin fools nobody, and the method for the ambitious routine is absolutely ridiculous. Being forced to perform this at the magic shop where I work is my idea of Hell. It is by far the suckiest trick imaginable. One lady I was forced to show it to shouted, "The trick's okay, but when are you going to get to the part with that block!" And immediately pointed to the block. And also, for nearly twenty bucks, all you get is the folly ladened routine, and a block of resin that has been milled along the edges. If you value your reputation as a magician, do not waste your money. Invest in a good ambitious card routine, and don't come into the spotlight with a hunk of cheap plastic. Have some sense. Don't buy this putrid, putrid routine. It is way overpriced, and everyone sees it, even when you don't flash the top, the milled edges give you away. Torture, absolute torture.
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During an Ambitious Card sequence, a signed card inserted into the deck repeatedly jumps to the top of the deck. At the conclusion, the same deck changes to a solid block of clear plastic while in a spectator's hand. A stunning ending.

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