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Roberto Giobbi DVD, The Review

Official Review

August 4th, 2013 3:04pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
This video of Roberto Giobbi's 2001 lecture for the British Close-up Magic Symposium is simply fantastic. Unlike many lecture videos, it's filmed using multiple cameras and has excellent lighting. (The sound is good, but not great, so you'll need to turn up the volume while watching.)

But what really sets it apart is the content. Giobbi teaches standard tricks, but goes into great detail about his staging, philosophy, and all the subtle details that are the hallmark of an excellent professional performance. I've been attending magic lectures since about 1978 and this is, simply put, the best lecture I've ever seen. There is much to learn and admire, and it will easily hold up to multiple viewings.

If you're a student of Giobbi's work, or magic in general, this is great addition to your library. The only downside is that it almost certainly spoil you for all future lectures.

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Author: Giobbi, Roberto
Publisher: L & L Publishing
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Manufacturer's Description:

The author of the renowned Card College books taped live at the 7th British Close-Up Magic Symposium.

The word is out about this great video. "I am so impressed. First, for a lecture video, it is extremely well filmed and quite clear. Second, the magic and the thinking involved is absolutely phenomenal. I added three ideas to my performing repertoire. I cannot tell you how much material I typically have to wade through to maybe get one idea I'll use. I have been into magic for 26 years and see a lot of material in my position as Project Coordinator for a major magic distributor. However, I learned so much important information from this tape simply in the thinking and attention to detail. Bravo. I feel like I found the treasure chest with The Roberto Giobbi Video." - Tim Trono

This truly great magic video includes: Wild Business; The Peek; The Master Grip; Miracle Prediction; Card To Wallet; Sponge Ball and Bowl Routine; LePaul Envelope Nest. All receive the Giobbi treatment in this broadcast-quality taping using two camera angles.

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