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Pro-Flite (Gimmick and DVD) Review

Official Review

July 13th, 2018 5:43pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
When I first ordered this product I had to wait for three months to get it because they were having problems with the discs not playing for most people. When I finally did get it, I still had trouble finding a player that would play it.

Sometimes even now - a year and half or so later - I still have problems getting it to play and this is the third disc I have tried after sending two others back. For this reason alone I am docking the product one star****. Even after all of this consideration this product and the routine/ideas was well worth the wait and the hassle.

****As of mid-May 2018, this product has been released and no longer includes the DVD - the same exact video instructions now come as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. For that reason, I have now bumped the star rating up to a full 5 stars as it so rightly deserves.

Now, as for the gimmick and the routine they get five stars...The gimmick is well made and it looks absolutely superb. The leather fob and medallion that come with it has the Nick Einhorn logo on it, and if it ever fades, breaks or you just want to change it out for a different one of your liking, it is very easy to do.

It is very easy to use and one of the things I like the best about it is that you can place it anywhere you like (in your pants pocket, on your belt, back pocket, inside jacket/vest pockets, etc.) in preparation for loading. There are certain positions that are probably "better" than others, but it comes down to personal preference and what works best for you. The chain can hold a number of keys and there are not really too many restrictions on type/size of ring you can use with it - it just comes down to your comfort and handling. This all makes it an ideal impromptu-style effect that you can literally to anywhere at any time.

If one is familiar with the Morelli Ring Flight you will already be familiar with this one, only Pro Flite is far better in quality and ease of use in my opinion, and it looks like a common type of key holder. The Morelli is HUGE - much bigger than it probably should be. Pro Flite was inspired by 'Ringer' from Steve Dusheck and is different in the way it works, though they do look somewhat similar.

There are a number of handlings given on the DVD and everything is clearly explained by Nick Einhorn himself. You will see live performances with studio teaching sessions.

Along with the gimmick you will also get a plain shoe lace. This lace is perfect for use with the demonstrated and explained ring and string routine. In my opinion, the routine taught by Nick is very, very good and is a great lead-in to the ring flight, which is exactly what it is. For that matter, you could use any other ring and string routine (Ring Master by Greg Wilson or Relentless Ring & String Routine by Bob Miller) to lead in as well.

Another big bonus about this gimmick for me is that it is a non-reel ring flight. I personally would like to be remembered as the mage that did something magical with a ring and not as the mage that made a ring fly 30 feet across a room only to land in a bowl of stew or worse.

The video and audio are both very clear, the instruction given by Nick is well presented and leaves nothing out - including different ideas for vanishing the ring. The content on the disc is put together very well and is easy to navigate to different parts of the disc, provided you do not have any issues with the disc playing in your player.

Overall this is one of the best ring flights on the market in my humble opinion and it has stood up very well to the abuse that I have put it through with use as my everyday key chain and as a magic prop. Highly recommended and a job well done to Mssrs. Einhorn and Swadling!

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Product info for Pro-Flite (Gimmick and DVD)

Author: Einhorn, Nicholas; Swadling, Robert
Publisher: Einhorn Entertainment Ltd
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $45.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

  • Borrow any ring.
  • Make it disappear.
  • It instantly and safely reappears amongst your keys!
  • Within minutes of watching the instructional DVD you will be adding Pro-Flite to your keys.
  • Be ready to perform an astonishing classic of magic anytime, anywhere.
  • No more fear of rings 'flying off'.
  • No reels, springs, magnets, fishing line or bulky key fobs.
  • No set up.
  • Allows the borrowed ring to appear amongst your keys while a spectator holds them.
  • Spectator can freely handle the gimmick.
  • Includes a bonus, high calibre Ring-on-String routine. (String included).
  • A practical 'Ring Flight' for real world, daily use.

Designed by two of the top creators in British magic, Bob Swadling (Creator of The Flipper Coin) and Nicholas Einhorn (F.I.S.M award winner & creator of Spooked - The Ultimate Haunted Deck).

Pro-Flite is simply one of the most practical, reliable and astonishing versions of 'Ring Flight' currently available.

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