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Close-Up Comedy Mentalism Review

Official Review

April 9th, 2013 12:37am
Reviewed by Christian
The advertising copy pretty much says all that needs to be said about this package. They are the standard comedy gags printed on business card stock. If you like these gags and you believe that you can use them in a close up situation, then this would be worth the 20 dollars.

It comes with instructions for each gag, just in case you are unfamiliar with them. There just really isn't much to say on this and I hate to write a review this short so I will give you my feeling on one of the gags for close up.

Imagine that you have come up to a table and placed a envelope on the table. Sir, do we know each other at all. "No"? Interesting because inside this envelope, I have printed on this small card . . . your name, I'm sure of it. You pull the business card out just a little to reveal the black back.

Then you ask, "Is there a vowel in your name? Yes...I thought so. See already my psychic powers are tingling. What is your name sir? Robert. Amazing

You pull out the card with the back still facing Robert. "Would you be impressed if this has "Your Name" written on the back. Yes...great...take a look."

Printed on the other side of the card is, "Your Name".

It is a painful but funny gag and if you have a penchant for comedy you could have some fun with these cards.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Close-Up Comedy Mentalism

Author: Karr, Todd
Publisher: The Miracle Factory
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Classic Humorous Mind-Reading Cards

The classic Baby Routine, 52-Card Prediction, Price Code Gag, "No" Card, "Your Name" bit, and more!

For close-up magicians, this is a portable version of all the well-known comedy mind reading cards normally seen onstage.

Now you can perform them close-up, thanks to this great collection of nine cards!

Perfect for walk-around and impromptu performances.

Keep them in your wallet and you'll always be ready for an ice-breaker or a great laugh.

Included are:

The Baby Gag: The spectator names any celebrity and your prediction shows the chosen a baby. And if they choose a celebrity of African-American or Asian descent, you're ready!

Price Code: A volunteer selects any common supermarket product and its price. Your prediction is correct, since it's a large-scale price code.

52 Cards: Any card named matches your prediction...a photo of a spread of the entire deck.

Around-the-World Trip: The volunteer names a city, and remarkably, you show it on the other side of the a complete world map.

Birthday Prediction: Any date selected is in this 12-month calendar.

The "No" Card: "Do you have any idea what word is on this card?" you ask. "No?, That's correct!" you exclaim as you reveal the word "NO".

"Your Name": You ask, "Would you be surprised if your name was printed on the other side?" The card, of course, reads: "YOUR NAME".

Sanskrit: Predict the name of an executive or any well-known movie or book...and it's found on the other side in the ancient language of Sanskrit!

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