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Chardshark Review

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March 12th, 2013 4:42pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I’m sorry, but a DVD has no right to be called “CardShark” if you repeatedly flash the most basic of card moves, such as “Tilt” and a basic card palm.

These effects are cluttered, sloppy, and over handled. At several points during an Inversion routine, a card is ‘examined’ as misdirection to do the secret move. A move he does while LOOKING AT THE CAMERA.

At the end of one very confusing routine where even I wasn’t even able to follow the effect, he brushes off his spectators lack of reaction as ‘stunned silence’ right in front of them!

If you want simple, practical, magic performed by a gentleman with real charm, look at one of John Carey’s DVDs, and stay far away from this!

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Product info for Chardshark

Author: Chard, Daniel
Publisher: RSVP - Russ Stevens
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Welcome to 'Chardshark' by Daniel Chard, a new name in card magic that we know you'll be hearing a lot about in the near future. This DVD features 10 stunning routines that are hard hitting, punchy and sure to thrill any audience. Just look at the reactions on the trailer that this magic gets and best of all, they're not all as hard as you'd think learn.

Decompression: The four aces compress into two deuces, then to a four before completely vanishing. Then we turn back time and go in reverse....This is killer!

Kickback Bonanza: Four queens trap a selection twice under impossible conditions, then a kickback finish that will leave their jaws on the floor. This is Dan's go to card routine

Fiddle with Biddle: The Biddle trick taken to the next level with some great touches which make this routine a real fooler!

A Night with Hofsinzer : The classic effect streamlined using a great move of Ed Marlos, direct and very strong

Sequential Sandwich: The jokers are used to find the Ace to four of a named suit one at a time, with an ending which has caught some top name magicians off guard

Four My Mates: A sandwich effect where the selection rises visually up through the pack and then finds his three mates on the journey, friends reunited would be proud!

Cloaked Inversion: An impossible 3 phase inversion routine which utilises 'the cloaked reversal', taught on disc for the first time and a complete deck reversal using only one hand!

World's Fastest Threesome: 3 selected cards are found in under three seconds, in 3 different locations!

Mouthy Transpo: A two phase transposition which is direct and hard hitting, with an ending which will catch you off guard

Taking the Plunge: the plunger principe used in conjunction with two special assistants which locate a selection and cause two cards to change places

Toolbox Section: featuring a more in-depth look at some of the sleights used

Running Time Approximately: 2hrs

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