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Magic on Stage Video, Volume 1 - The Commando Act (VHS) Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by zombieboy
Imagine, if you will, myself, dressed in fromal attire, slightly drowsy from lack of sleep and energy, arriving at the nightclub at which I am to perform. "Where do I set up?" I ask wearily. "Set up?" Grumbles the manager, observing my two trunks, suitcase table, black art well table, birdcages, vanishing canes and unlit torches. "We want you on now!" So now I stroll out, trying to keep my magical ambiance, and I set up my table and props, cutting out fifteen minutes of performance time. This, as any stage magician knows, is a problem.

Jeff Mcbride has the same problem. However, he fixed it, and I did as well after I watched his video. In it, he shows you how to pack small and play big, and teaches you an entire stage routine that can be performed anywhere, even surrounded. With a few simple props, you can perfrom a complete one hour with no set up at all. And best of all, the entire act fits into a shoulder bag. I would definetly recommend this video tape to any stage performer who had the problem of setting up for an hour, while the audience was uninterestedly watching. Like McBride says on the tapes, "It is great to have a dream of this great manipulation act, but if you are going to get the experience you need, then you have to do as many shows as you possibly can." And with his Commando Act, you will be able to.

Product info for Magic on Stage Video, Volume 1 - The Commando Act (VHS)

Author: McBride, Jeff
Publisher: L & L Publishing
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Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Jeff McBride has performed around the world in every conceivable venue. Jeff is one of the most versatile performers of our age, from dazzling Las Vegas showrooms and arena/concert halls to cabarets, discos and surrounded on the street. The Commando Act is a practical, powerful, commercial magic show that can be performed in just about any performing situation. Jeff has honed his Commando Act over the past 20 years. Now he teaches you step-by-step, move for move, his entire real world traveling show and gives you all the techniques and presentation tips so you can adapt this show to your own presentational style.

Contents include: Welcome to the Series; The Commando Act in Performance; Flash Silk Production; Cane to Ribbon; Comedy Cigarette Stretching to Rope; The McCut & Restored Rope Routine; Ring on Rope Rhapsody; Commando Ring Routine (McBride's Linking Ring Routine) (Kabuki Rings); The Immortal Coil; Champagne Bottle Surprise; How to Use This Video; The Magician's Journal; The Commando Show in Theory and Practice; Setting up a Rehearsal Space; Mirror Practice and Video Rehearsal; The En-Trance and Opening Effects; Explanations of Flash Silk Production; Vanishing Cane to Silk Streamers; Cane Tips & Preparation; Cane Flourishes; The Finer Roll; Down the Shoulder; Across the Back; Inspiration and Motivation; The Commando Show Set-Up; Comedy Cigarette to Stretching Rope; McCut & Restored Rope; Scissor Blade Switch; The Loop Restore; The Panama Rope Trick Finale; McBride's Ring on Rope Rhapsody; Toss-On.; Knot off.; Karate Chop; The Hunter Bow Knot; Bow Knot and Ring Finale; Setting Goals; The McBride Linking Rings; Types of Rings to Use; Ring Flourishes; The Finger Spin; The Finger Twirl; The Crash Link; The Routine, Phase 1; The Silent Link; The Changeover; The Pull Illusion; The Gravity Link; The Audience Unlink; Pop Off Unlink; Up the Arm; Another Silent Link; Swinging Unlink; The Routine Phase 2; Chain of Three; Aerial Toss Link; Up the Chain; The Falling Ring; The Routine Phase 3; Ring Figures; The Globe; The Opening Flower; The Stirrup; Twisted Flower; Four Ring Olympic; 6-Ring Chain Finale; Jeff's Favorite Magic Books; Bonus Ring Moves; Spinning Link; Finger Twirl; McBride's Centrifugal Force Unlink; Abatar's Spin-Link; Reinhart's Silent Unlink; McBride's Spinning Unlink; Silent Link; Jeff's Ring-Go-Round; Tension and Release; Dan Harlan's Missing Link; Aerial Crash Link; Jeff's Tips on Key Rings; Thumb-Key Link; Jeff on Audience Participation; Jeff on Dealing with Difficult Situations; Jeff on Staging and Blocking; Hat Coil Production; Hat Coil Body Load; Hat Coil Grand Finale; Openers, Middlers, and Closers; Routining Your Show; Rainbow Mouth Coil Tips and Routining; Metal Foil Coil; Champagne Bottle Finale; Comedy, Drama, Contract and Texture; Exotic Mysteries; Flash, Color and Spectacle.

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