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Stars of Magic Review

June 10th, 2003 6:00pm
Reviewed by Bperry
This was a very interesting book, it seems as if each trick has been sectioned off as if to have been sold seperatly, moreover a collection of magic "pamphlets".

It is an exellent resource for all types of close-up magic, and most of the routines described therein still "pack a punch" even though somewhat old.

The method of description may change from trick to trick. For example Scarne's classic ball routine gives you a rather long page of descriptions, and then two pages of just pictures depicting the motion. Whereas Slydini's torn and restored cigarette routine has captioned instructions with the photos depicting the motion.

Each trick has a comment from another magician, and their take on the effect itself. The effects are mostly written in standard form e.g Trick, Effect, & Instructions followed by Comments.

Good book! Highly recommended, my only quirk is that it appears to be photocopied throughout, most of the pictures appear to be photographed a little on the poor side, somewhat "blotchy" at least in my copy anyway. The binding of the book is of good quality.

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Author: Various Artists
Publisher: Robbins
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Thirty-nine different effects, 340 photographs. From Dai Vernon, Triumph Card Miracle; Cutting the Aces; Spellbound; Kangaroo Coins; Cups and Balls; Ambitious Cards; Ring on Wand; Slow Motion 4 Aces; Vernon on 3 Malini effects and 4 famous Leipzig effects plus his Royal Monte. From Scarne, Classic Ball Routine; Copper and Silver; Triple Coincidence. From Slydini, Miracle Torn and Restored Cigarette; Flight of the Paper Balls; Flyaway Coin Routine and his Art of Lapping. From Dr. Daley, Cards up Sleeve; Itinerant Pasteboard; Cavorting Aces. From Ross Bertram, Five Feature Coin Effects. From Carlyle, Decapitation Match; Homing Card; Wrist Watch Steal and Coin Routine. Plus more effects by Horowitz, Allerton and Jarrow. Hardcover.

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