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What Your Future Holds Review

January 17th, 2013 4:58am
Reviewed by Adam Queen
I too love this trick! I will agree with a bit of Jeff's review in that some of Rich's lines are not for everyone but will disagree in that there's not necessarily a need to make your own cards as it is a comedy routine. Though I do love the idea of changing the cards, an idea I like even better is adding to them making a second set with a pirate theme and wearing both the nose and an eye patch as most spectators want you to do it again. I have also toyed around with idea of adding a third phase to it and making it a positive non-comedic ending but have yet to come up with a worthy idea. In live performance (I've performed this hundreds of times) I find that asking who would like to have their future foretold lessens the blue humor and if a male responds actually heightens it! the only reason why I don't give this a 5 is because I only use this in certain situations I didn't like the case the cards came in as it would not also hold the nose without bending the cards and to keep from losing the nose I like to keep them together.

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Author: Rich Marotta
Average Rating:  (4)
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Now anyone can be a Psychic!

  • Absolutely NO psychic ability required!
  • You can't be proved wrong!
  • The funniest Prediction in the World.

    "A subtle set up with a super socko, surprise finish!" - Daryl

    "Hilarious" - Bob Sheets

    "You'll get lucky doing this effect." - Simon Lovell

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