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Elevator: The Ultimate Street Levitation Review

June 9th, 2003 7:57pm
Reviewed by mindgames
I have it and I hate it!
I don't look like float at all!
I look like standing on something... somthing very low.
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Product info for Elevator: The Ultimate Street Levitation

Author: Loughran, Peter
Publisher: Hocus Pocus
Average Rating:  (4)
Retail Price: $99.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

How many times have you been asked to levitate after the David Blaine TV specials aired? How many times have you wanted to perform a levitation effect, but have feared the limitations, angles, etc? Fear not, because there are NO allusions with THIS illusion! Introducing The elevator from Peter Loughran, the last word on levitation suspension!

First there came the Balducci Levitation. And then came tons of gimmicked versions that claimed to make the Balducci and other levitations easier to perform. The problems with these versions were that you needed a coat, a towel, or other cover to shield how the effect worked. Not with Peter Loughran's elevator!

Imagine, at any time during your act, whether you perform close-up, on stage, or on the street, you simply rise a full 3 - 4 inches above the ground, all without the angle problems and viewing distance restrictions seen in other self-levitations on the market. Heck, you can even levitate over a puddle of water!!! Simply put, The elevator is Peter Loughran's new mechanical marvel levitation device that allows you to levitate while facing your spectators, and it can be viewed from the front and the sides! See the photo above!

There are no special shoes used! In fact, you can even perform the illusion wearing sandals or even barefoot! There are no special clothes or baggy pants required, and you can do this inside or outside on wet or dry land without any special lighting required! And get this, there are NO weight limitations! WOW! What other self-levitation can boast all these advantages?

You do not take your shoes off, nor do you lift up on one toe, and you can even show the bottom of your feet before and after the levitation. Please know that this is not a .pdf file, a mere manuscript, or instructional video; you get a specially constructed mechanical device that allows you to perform this miracle anytime, anywhere!

If you are looking for an affordable street levitation that works for real people in real situations, then be sure to check out this incredible and clever levitation device. The elevator comes complete with special mechanical levitation device, instructional CD Rom, and fully detailed manuscript.

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