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Index-Terity: A Revolutionary Approach to a Powerful Tool Review

Official Review

January 2nd, 2013 6:41am
Reviewed by Christian
Index-terity is an interesting book. It is a softcover, 8.5 by 8.5 inch, filled with 96 black and white pages. Why do I say interesting? Because, George goes into great detail in describing these tricks . . . and . . . includes video as well. It's interesting because you don't just learn how a trick works and then we're off to the next one. No, George really goes deep into each explanation.

For a mere $40 dollars you get five fully developed routines, and I mean fully developed. He goes into great depth in the explanations, details, and subtleties of each routine, you also get a kit that includes all the material to construct the indexes that George Parker describes, and you get access to a private website with instructional and performance videos.
I really enjoyed was his thinking. The ideas and premises for each of these routines are nothing short of outstanding. They go well beyond the usual, "Look at me and my powers" presentations that are so common in mentalism and mind reading shows. George has reasons, fun moments for the effects and everything moves the performance forward psychologically.

The audience really gets to go on an enjoyable ride that brings them to a surprising conclusion. His work on a Max Maven inspired piece that George calls "Diet Bowling" stood out in my mind for a couple of reasons. First, he gives reasons for all his props. Everything makes sense and this goes a long way in hiding the actual method. Second, the motivation and the idea of having the spectator watch you load the prediction in the balloon at the beginning had me laughing at his cleverness. Even if you don't believe that this step is necessary, his idea and method behind it is diabolical.

Another trick called "One Blink" is a really interesting way to perform the old, name a card, go through the deck and see if it is one of the 51 cards in this deck.... We, as performers, don't like it because it's a pacing killer, to have a spectator to go through 51 cards on stage. George Parker has found a very solid and quick way to accomplish this task. Combine that with a compelling premise and you have a very strong trick.

Even if you're not a fan of indexes, I think you would enjoy the thinking behind this book. Along with that, simply observing how George approaches his magic/mentalism makes the book well worth the forty clams.

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Product info for Index-Terity: A Revolutionary Approach to a Powerful Tool

Author: Parker, George; Hass, Larry
Publisher: Larry Hass
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

INDEX-terity will put a new spin on your magic and mentalism.

George Parker's INDEX-terity turns the ballot index on its head, making it more powerful and deceptive than ever before!

Everything you need is INSIDE!

  • Five fully-developed routines from George Parker's professional repertoire.
  • A work-kit of the materials required to perform these routines.
  • Access to a private website with instructional and performance videos.
High Praise from Top Magic and Mentalism Professionals

"George Parker's new and very deceptive approach to [the ballot index] will inspire you. Get ready for a fascinating journey!"
- Eugene Burger

"George Parker has given new life to one of mentalism's great, under appreciated gimmicks...He has made it more flexible, practical, and powerful..."
- Bob Fitch

"I have not encountered such fully thought out and explained routines since the private release miracles of Ned Rutledge."
- Ross Johnson

Pages: 94 - 8.5" x 8.5" - Softcover - Black and white illustrations

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