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December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Andini
I was lucky enough to have this Max Maven lecture be my first ever magic lecture. Well, let me tell you that this lecture gave me high hopes for all of the other lectures that I would attend after that. Max Maven is an extremely clever fellow who thinks out his routines rather thoroughly. I remember sitting with all of the other magicians and watching in awe as Max delivered his magic/mentalism so directly and entertainingly.

I obviously decided to get a set of lecture notes and these are the ones that I picked up. Looking through them once again, I notice that a lot of effects in my repertoire are based on some of these effects and I think that I should include a few more from these notes!

The first effect is "ANCIENT LAS VEGAS PALM READING". This effect is so incredibly simple yet it always kills every time I perform it. You supposedly read your audience's pulse and correctly guess which card they freely thought of.

Another effect is "Boomer". This is an effect that I plan to put back into my list of tricks. This is an effect in which the spectator's birthday produces the four aces.

Along with these two tricks is a handful of others that could fit into any magicians current repertoire. With the right presentation that fits your style. I see these effects working their way into YOUR list of tricks!
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