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Wonder Worm Review

Official Review

October 18th, 2012 7:17pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
I must confess that it used to be fun to review a ridiculous product. But today it just makes me sad and I won't belabor the reasons why you should avoid it. Here's the succinct summary of Wonder Worm:

This is a repackaged children's toy that retails for about $7. I know there's a long tradition of doing this sort of thing in magic, but ideally the reseller should add some real value by providing a complete or unique routine. Wonder Worm does not.

The toy worm, and its controller, use six hearing aid (or watch) batteries. These are more expensive than regular batteries, and you better have some spares on hand, as the included instructions warn that one set is good for only about 20 minutes of usage. You'll also need a tiny screwdriver to open the battery doors. Time to find that eyeglass repair kit in your junk drawer.

The toy is of low quality. The on/off switch on my review unit broke off the fifth time I used it. The instructions also note that it doesn't work well on a close-up mat due to its low clearance.

The instructions included with the trick suggest that you can control the toy by hiding the controller in your pocket, or behind your folded arms. This is absolutely incorrect, as the toy is controlled by infrared light. This is a line-of-sight technology so you must point the controller directly at the toy. Good luck doing this secretly. Frankly, this was the last straw for me and this product. When the instructions suggest something that's technologically impossible, I can't help but feel this product has little thought or testing behind it.

Perhaps the name of this trick alludes to the fact that every time you see it in your drawer you'll wonder why you bought it. I'm giving this trick 1/2 a star because my dog really enjoyed watching and barking at the toy, while it lasted.

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Product info for Wonder Worm

Author: Wong, Alan
Publisher: Alan Wong
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The magician asks a spectator to select a card from a small pile. The card is returned and mixed up and lay out randomly face down on the table. Next a magic worm is introduced and it starts going around searching among the cards and finally stops on top of the selected card!

Includes complete Wonder Worm prop and instruction sheet.

Wonder Worm Dimensions Approximately: 4" x 1" x 1"

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