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Boom Review

Official Review

October 22nd, 2012 10:17pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
Wow. Just.... wow. I don’t think I’ve gotten something this bad in a while. It’s unsafe, AND it makes the spectators uncomfortable in a way that is not fun or smart.

Just watch the demo video. Then imagine a video of that low quality for 35 minutes. The explanation is SILENT with text on the screen in a few languages. It shows you how to open the box you receive your ‘props’ in, and how to perform sleights badly, it’s the worst example of ‘teaching’ that I can think of. Oh, the video is of such a poor quality that it’s not even full screen, or widescreen, it's this box in the center of your screen type thing...

There is a risk of burning the spectator, and not even at the risk of a cool effect. The card they pick is in the ‘dynamite’ they were just holding and threw on the ground when it explodes.

Amazing! Hilarious! NOT!

The fact that this is forty bucks is just insulting. You can get tons of great books, effects, and DVDs for half that. This is magic marketing at it’s most clueless. Easily one of the top three worst things I’ve ever gotten for review, if not THE worst. There are NO redeeming qualities.

Stay far away from this and don’t even consider getting this. I got mine for free, and I just threw the DVD and props directly in the trash once I was finished.

If I could give this a negative rating I would.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Author: Valenti, Mick
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Imagine That Magic presents

Mick Valenti's

BOOM! no other card trick you've ever seen.

Imagine this...
The spectator chooses a card then cuts it into the deck. While the spectator holds the deck in one hand, the magician gives the spectator a fused half stick of dynamite to hold on to. "I'll find your card before this 10 second fuse burns down", the magician boldly announces. With that, the Magician lights the fuse, but instead of a ten second burn down the fuse burns in a flash followed by a large unexpected BOOM! Spectator drops the dynamite, (and many times throws the deck of cards in the air, and hopes they have a strong bladder). The Card Has Vanished! The deck is shown to be void of the chosen card. But when all calms down the spectator picks up the stick of dynamite and pokes a quivering finger through its center only to find the selected card. Suited for close-up, stand up, street magic, and stage.
  • No slights needed
  • Resets in seconds
  • Two different outcomes
  • Simple to learn\Easy to perform
  • Guaranteed to build suspense and get laughs
  • Safe
  • Card Gimmicks
  • Dynamite Sticks
  • End caps
  • Banging mechanism
  • Tutorial DVD (English, French & Spanish) all included.

BOOM 2 (Signed card)
Same basic effect;
Use ANY deck of cards! Spectator signs and seemingly shuffles their card back into the deck.
This bonus effect includes a brand new card slight designed with Boom 2 in mind but can be used in many other applications.

Please note: You supply the dry underwear for your spectator.

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