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October 12th, 2012 10:33pm
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
Obviously, when we think of the magical production of a bottle, we think of Bob Read. I think we would all agree that no one's bottle production had the impact that Read's had. He was a master in general, but that bottle production took your breath away.

Inaki Zabletta, who appears to be a charming and capable performer, is now offering what is essentially a cloth gimmick combined with one minor alteration to your clothing, that will allow you to produce a full bottle of wine...without a jacket. Sort of. What I mean by that is you must be comfortable enough with your waistline and pants to be able to do this. Otherwise, plan on wearing a jacket.

The DVD is very thorough, showing you several ways to get in and out of the production and the cover you'll need. I like the idea of doing this as a one-off stand-up item but I'm not as convinced as Mr. Zabaletta that one can do this as a walkaround piece, unless you have a generous set-up area you can retire to, a large budget (for the bottles you'll be giving away or breaking) and the balls large enough to do this under people's noses.

I think for what's provided, this is a good value. Cheers!

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Author: Zabaletta, Inaki
Publisher: Vernet Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Imagine this; you are wearing no jacket on plain stage. No table, no chairs, nothing. You show a red handkerchief and then a white one. Next you briefly cover your empty right hand and instantly produce a real wine bottle production out of nothing. No Way!

This is the best opener trick for the real professional. You can you it anywhere, anytime. Perfect for stage, parlor and even close up.

Bob Read would love it!
  • 100% audience tested
  • Comes with a special gimmick
  • Full explanations
  • Performed in different venues
  • English overdubbing
  • Almost an hour
  • No silks included
  • And Vernet's quality

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