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Paul Harris Presents YaYa (DVD and Gimmick) Review

Official Review

October 24th, 2012 9:05pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
I was underwhelmed with the tricks used to demonstrate and teach YaYa. If you're more a trickster, they might appeal to you, but for me they were mostly pointless.

But that doesn't mean I dislike YaYa. It's a utility gimmick with several apparent uses, and almost certainly many more if you spend some time brainstorming and experimenting. It's prone to some angle problems, but they're manageable, and most of the disappearances it facilitates will look good. It's very easy to carry with you, and if you master it, you'll be able to easily carry it on your person everywhere you go.

You get a generous supply of the YaYa gimmicks, but the claim that they're enough for a 1000 performances is exaggerated. They're fragile and you'll use up a lot of them just getting the hang of things. But the price for "official" refills is reasonable, and almost remarkably, the DVD tips you to exactly what they are and where to find them. If you're lucky enough to find a supplier locally you'll be in YaYa heaven for less than the cost of a large cup of coffee.

The DVD is very well produced, but is clearly aimed at beginners as it tediously goes over even the simplest of basic magic techniques. Don't assume that, because of the disc's length, you're getting a lot of information. You're getting a complete, but slow-moving, discussion and a few minutes of inoffensive nonsense. The real work begins when the DVD is over and you discover how to apply YaYa to your magic.

Overall, YaYa's a decent buy. Even if you don't put it into active use, you'll enjoy learning and experimenting with the ideas, at a reasonable price.

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Product info for Paul Harris Presents YaYa (DVD and Gimmick)

Author: Feinberg, Jesse; Harris, Paul
Publisher: Paul Harris
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Jesse has transformed a simple house-hold item into the world's teeniest invisible hold-out. And it just happens to work really really well with your normal Sharpie cap!

With your tiny YAYA in place you can take the cap off your Sharpie and make it instantly vanish and re-appear in your other hand...or poke the cap into one ear and pull it out the other. You can "snort" the cap up your nose then sneeze it back into your hand.

YAYA even makes a poker chip vanish, appear or transform!

YAYA also lets you perform the perfect Torn And Restored (and Signed) Bill. Just borrow a bill roll it into a ball, tear the ball in half, touch the two halves together for an instant full-view no-cover restoration! The signed bill is immediately handed back for examination.

Vanish and Change OBJECTS!

Phone YAYA
Take a balled-up bill and toss it into your phone it VISIBLY transforms into just an image on the screen...Then pop the bill off the screen so the bill is back to normal. EMPTY HANDS...UNGIMMICKED EXAMINABLE phone...borrowed bill...and one teeny invisible YAYA!

Can be performed in just a T-shirt...or no shirt.
Most routines require no-palming.
Endless Possibilities.


Each YAYA is good for about ten performances. Enough YAYA's for about 1000 performances.
Even More are available for a few bucks at your local YAYA Emporium (most drug stores have them too).

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