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Essentials in Magic: The Stripper Deck Review

Official Review

October 12th, 2012 4:34am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
I have to admit that before I watched this disc I was skeptical that it could hold a candle to the venerable 101 Amazing Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck booklet. When I worked in a magic shop, that was the essential reference and very few new magicians who bought a Stripper Deck left the store without a copy of the book, too. This new disc from Daryl is clearly destined to take its place.

Daryl covers everything you need to know, often using clever and useful teaching aids which really make it clear what's going on. He also offers an exhaustive, if not exhausting, series of tricks you can perform with the deck. This is a disc that you can return to often because there is so much offered, and Daryl liberally adds advice and tips, that you won't absorb in just one viewing.

I also like that the disc bucks the current trend of tacking on advertisements and nonsense as filler. Daryl dives right in with a "pitch" style performance, gives a little history of the deck, then methodically proceeds with 10 chapters covering everything you need to know. It's also nice, and I think nearly unprecedented, that voiced-over versions in Japanese and Spanish are included.

The fact that you get a lot of solid information, plus great production and crystal-clear instructions, for a mere $10 makes Essentials in Magic: The Stripper Deck an easily recommended purchase for beginners and veterans alike.

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Product info for Essentials in Magic: The Stripper Deck

Author: Easton, Daryl
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $9.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Stripper Deck is one of the most popular and versatile trick decks of cards. If you want to perform miracles with virtually no skill, look no further than the Stripper Deck. Imagine finding selected cards, immediately producing 4 aces, making selected cards appear at the top of the deck, and having uncanny control over every card in the deck. Look like a sleight of hand expert - like a true magician - all without years of practice.

In this DVD, World Champion FISM Gold Medal Winning Close- Up Magician, Daryl, takes you step by step through the many uses of this versatile trick deck of cards. Daryl is renowned as one of the world's finest magic teachers. Here, he shares his years of knowledge and expertise so you, too, can be the life of the party, amazing your friends, family and colleagues.

If you have ever wanted to do incredible card magic, grab your Stripper Deck and let Daryl guide you down the essential road to miracles.

NOTE: Stripper deck sold separately.

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 6min

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