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Pirates Booty Review

Official Review

November 5th, 2012 12:57am
Reviewed by Christian
Pirate Booty is a reworking of the old trick, Dot's Impossible. Bob Solari has added a cute pirate theme. The cards are now differentiated by a "Treasure Chest" and a "Skull and Crossed Bones".

If you are new to magic the trick is pretty simple and relies on one Marlo sleight. It is angle proof and resets instantly. This is a perfect trick if you are working restaurants, a children's party, or a pirate themed event.
The cards are well made and have a clip art picture on one side and a photocopyed picture of a Bicycle playing card back on the other. Although the cards are sturdy, they will not blend into with a deck of real Bicycle cards. Not that it is an issue. However, since these are not real Bicycle cards, the idea of copywrite infringement did cross my mind.

Bob gives you a prop...a plastic gold coin to use in the routine. I think this is fine for children's shows, as you could give it to them after the trick and they would love it. However for adult shows, I would use his suggestion of a chocolate pirate coin to give away...or even a real coin of some sort..that you would keep. Bob supplies you with only one plastic coin in the trick. You will need to purchase a bag of these at your local party goods supply store if you plan on giving them out.

All in all a good solid working trick. My only reservations are that I wish Bob had used better art on the cards (front and back) other than simple clip art. Other than that, this is a solid trick that will be fun to perform.

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Author: Solari, Bob
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Manufacturer's Description:

Six cards are placed face down on the table. The spectator is handed a 'gold' coin from a sunken treasure. The spectator is instructed to place the coin on the back of any card, and try to find the Pirates treasure. (No Force) The five remaining cards are turned face up, showing all to have a skull and crossbones printed on their faces. The selected card with the 'gold' coin is turned face up. On it is printed the Pirates Treasure Chest ! The spectator has found the Pirates Treasure ! The spectator may keep the 'gold' coin as a souvenir. Resets in seconds, No force, Great for adults as well as children. Complete with custom printed cards, 'Gold' Coin, Plastic Wallet, And easy to follow instructions.

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