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Lubor's Lens Review

Official Review

September 22nd, 2012 10:16pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
Lubor’s Lens is a DVD teaching 3 effects with a fascinating prop that allows you to make objects seem to disappear and morph while in the spectator’s hands. The included prop, created by the inventive Lubor Fiedler, is a semi transparent plastic card that allows for astonishing visual illusions. In the basic effect a pen is placed in the spectator’s hand. The performer covers the middle of the pen with the lens, which remains visible to the spectator. The middle of a pen then vanishes. It returns, and then permanently twists in reality, all without the magician touching the pen. The twisted pen is examinable and can be left with the spectator. If the illusion of the pen’s middle vanishing were the only effect, it would probably only get mild reactions. But the fact that the pen, in reality, permanently changes takes this from optical illusion to strong magic. The routine (as always) is what makes the performance powerful, not just the prop itself.

The instruction on the DVD is clear, if brief. Handling details are glossed over (not that complex sleight of hand is needed), but there are certainly finer points that could have been touched on, particularly since only one handling of one prop is taught. It may be of importance to some that the DVD contents are a straight duplication of the effects taught using Lubor’s Lens in Paul Harris’ “True Astonishment” DVD set (including an easter egg that strangely cannot be accessed.) While there is nothing inherently wrong with re-releasing a single item from a larger project, some kind of repackaging or additional content would have been appreciated.

In addition to the twisted pen effect, two additional routines are explained, as well as how to safely (theoretically) manufacture a twisted pen. The first effect is identical to the pen routine, but uses a straw that has a knot appear in it rather than a twist. The third effect has a match appear in full view on the back of the spectator’s hand. The strength of these additional routines is that they are impromptu and explore other ways to use the lens.

For those new to magic this century, this item was originally released as the “Reality Twister” at least as early as 2003. At the time it didn’t include a DVD, but did include a “twisted” pen so the purchaser could perform the main effect without need of making one’s own pen (and risking injury while doing it.) Shortly thereafter the Reality Twister book, written by Pete McCabe, was released. It contains numerous ideas and routines for Lubor’s Lens from some of the best minds in magic, including Michael Weber, David Regal, and R. Paul Wilson, among others.

This leads me to my main complaint about this release, which is that so few applications are explained. So much is possible with the prop (as evidenced by the aforementioned book) and the importance of creating a magical effect (as opposed to it being relegated to a simple optical illusion) is critical. Given that the Reality Twister book is available with an included lens (on some websites) for $15, I would recommend that combo over this DVD at the same price.

Lubor’s Lens is an amazing prop that allows for extremely magical moments, if handled correctly. It fits in a wallet, can be used with a variety of items and creates effects not possible with any other method. At $15, it’s a steal. If the book weren’t available I would give this DVD 5 stars. As it is, my review is 4 stars, and my recommendation is to buy the book and lens combo instead.

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Author: Harris, Paul
Publisher: Paul Harris Presents
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $15.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Your friend holds a pen on her open palm as you hold a clear "Credit Card Protector" just above the pen.

You show a bizarre optical illuzion...and give the plastic lens a twist. The center of the pen suddenly becomes TRANSPARENT...and then completely INVISIBLE! She can even see right through her spread fingers where the center of the pen was a moment ago! Another twist of the lens and the missing pen center suddenly becomes VISIBLE AGAIN!

BUT THAT'S JSUT THE WARM UP! You then slowly twist the lens again...and in full view the center of the pen visibly DISTORTS...then MELTS into a WEIRD TWISTED MESS!! But this time the optical illusion is REAL...and the weird twisted shape is now a PERMANENT part of the pen...You can even let your friend keep the deformed pen as a souvenir. And yes, it still writes!

THERE'S NO EXPLANATION!...except that the lens is not a thing you'd want near any of your favorite body parts.

No Switches or Extra Pieces

All you need is the speical patented Lubor's Lens and a normal pen (which you can prepare in a few seconds).

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