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Ingenuities - Ken Krenzel Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Andini
I have asked quite a few people if they own this book and many of them, surprisingly said no. I bought it only because Guy Hollingworth's book had gone out of print. I would never had bought it had it been for this. I had seen the book advertised before and I had some interest. I have seen one of Ken's videos before and was very impressed with it so I figured I'd buy it and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, the best did not come at first. I leafed through it and was VERY disappointed. The material wasn't very good. Some of the problem could have been that, I was held down by the difficulty.

I put the book on my shelf and it sat there for a month. I took it down once again to bring with me on a car ride to Wisconsin. I began to read with fascination. This was good stuff. I will warn you, the material in this book is not easy. It will take time. Some of it will take time to master the moves, others will take time to memorize the patter or sequence of events.

In this 210 page book, there are 5 Chapters...
1-Out of Hand
2-Things Change
3-Escaping Cardville
4-New Tools
5-Tall Tales and Short Cons

Included in these chapters are some very nice, well thought out routines, not only with cards, but with coins as well. Some very good thoughts are presented in this book.

Some nice takes on old effects are presented. A great "Any Card at Any Location" is in here that involves good audience participation with a great ending. It is virtually self-working. Also, "Fired Up" could be worth the book. It is a very very nice variation of Kenton Kneppler's and Larry Becker's Kolossal Killer. The effect is good because it has an excellent story to go with it that narrows the selection pool tremdendously, better, even, than the original.

Ingenuities is well written, well illustrated, well thought out and I recommend it.
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Author: Minch, Steven
Publisher: Hermetic Press
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Retail Price: $37.00
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From Hermetic Press. Ken Krenzel, long known as a leading exponent of expert sleight of hand with cards, serves up a bountiful table of pasteboard astonishment, featuring lots of visual magic and baffling happenings with cards, coins - and a pencil. This is a quality hardcover book containing 224 pages of exquisite magic, enhanced by 213 Kelly Lyles illustrations. Included are; Any Card Appears at Any Number, a one-man method; 2 Sure-fire Card Forces Done with the Deck Held in its Case; Copper-Silver Transposition While Both Ungimmicked Coins are in a Spectator's Possession; Stabbing to a Freely Named Card in a Spectator Shuffled and Wrapped Deck; Slow-motion 3-card Monte Moves ... AND MUCH MORE. A total of 34 innovative tricks, routines and sleights.

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