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My (Almost) 50 Years in Magic Review

Official Review

July 13th, 2012 4:19pm
Reviewed by Christian
If you know Tom Craven, then you already know this is well worth the price. If you don't let me explain:

If you have ever sat next to this guy at a convention that you know that he is a walking encyclopedia of magic knowledge. I have been astounded by the ideas, concepts, and methods that Tom spits out like a machine gun. While you are mulling over the last idea in your mind, Tom as already covered 3 more.

There are over 150 tricks contained in this tome. Just the sheer volume of magic in the pages will make the book worth the 75 clams. However, Tom is a clever guy, and many of his tricks will leave you shaking your head saying, "Very Clever", or "That's really fun".

Most of the book is card tricks. For those that want something different, there are 50 pages of non-card tricks.

This is the type of book that I enjoy flipping through and making notes in the margins. In the weeks that I have had it, I have ear-marked at least ten tricks that I will be revisiting and working with.

There is a very slick piece that not technically a trick, is a nice idea of how to transition from one card trick to the next and make it look effortless.

I also enjoyed one very playful piece on gambling that was so clever that you will smile as you read it and the audience will applaud you ingenuity.

In a world of $35, one trick DVDs this is a treasure trove of workable material.

Tom does not go into much detail for the presentations for his tricks, he leaves this up to you. What you have here is a book with over 150 tricks that are waiting for the right magician to breath life into them and entertain and audience.

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Author: Craven, Tom
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Retail Price: $75.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

From Tom Craven's introduction:
"What you'll find in this book covers a lifetime of magic of mine. I tried to put everything I'd come up with in here, but obviously, I know there are some missing items. Just about everything that has been in print before is here, but there are some that were never in print that have been lost or forgotten."

Over 160 effects spanning almost 50 years of Tom Craven's magic career which includes such accomplishments as: First person to receive the "Spirit Of Magi-Fest" Award, Columbus Ohio One of only 2 people to have attended all 40 of the FFFF Conventions Guest Of Honor FFFF (Back in the 1980's) 10 time winner of the IBM Ring 2 Magician Of The Year Trade Show Worker Full Time, 1977-1984 Worked the Close-Up Gallery at the Magic Castle 1981, 1985, 1989, 2009, 2010 Worked the Parlor at the Magic Castle 2011Pages: 190 - Hardcover - Black and white illustration - 8.5" x 11"

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