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Burn Notice Review

Official Review

January 12th, 2013 4:56am
Reviewed by Christian
Christopher Wiehl has updated the old, heat the lemon juice revelation trick. Along with his new take on this old chestnut, he has also included a few tricks to get the most out of the effect. This is one of those effects that is difficult to review because if you know if this technique then you will shrug your shoulders and say, “It’s an oldie but goodie.” (just to be clear, he does not use Lemon Juice, it is simply much like that routine)

However, if you are new to magic and have never heard of this methodology then you will think this is “Super Cool”. I would say watch the video and make your determination. Mr. Wiehl has made a very nice DVD. His teaching and explanations are very good.

I did enjoy his work on using a receipt for multiple effects/revelations. That was a bit of surprising fun and I think you will like his work with that. A bit of a bonus.

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Product info for Burn Notice

Author: Wiehl, Chris
Publisher: Blue Crown
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Burn Notice is a unique principle that allows you to reveal what a spectator is thinking with simple, everyday items. Your spectator thinks of a playing card, an object, or anything else. You pull a receipt out of your wallet, touch it to the flame of a lighter, and the spectator's thought instantly appears on the receipt! The receipt can be given out as a memorable souvenir!

On the Burn Notice DVD, Christopher Wiehl teaches you how to prepare any ordinary receipt so that you're ready to perform at a moment's notice.

The DVD also includes a bonus PDF file with a specially-designed receipt that you can print at home in order to perform additional effects. These effects can either be done as a lead-up to Burn Notice, or performed on their own. Burn Notice is practical, visual, and easy-to-do. You'll never leave home without it!
  • 2-Part DVD
  • Over 15 Effects Possible
  • Over 30 Minutes of Instruction
  • Insanely Visual
  • Ultra Practical and Versatile
  • Props and PDF File Included
Running Time Approximately: 39min

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