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Creative Kid Talk Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Andini
Children's performers are always on the lookout for new and exciting tricks for their acts. However, a lot of children's magicians work only to make a few extra bucks. This book is not for such people. This book features conversations between today's top children's performers. These guys are spilling all the great tips for today's children's magicians. Everything from audience participation to working outdoors is covered in this 143 page book.

You can just feel the energy and love for magic that these guys have in their discussions. Their love for kids and entertaining is apparent in this awesome book. I can honestly tell you that my show has greatly improved with the information presented. There are a ton of books out there that try to tell you things that haven't been tested on real audiences but these guys know what they're doing! With years and years of performing for kids and their families, David Ginn, Sammy Smith, and Steve Taylor are the guys that you want to learn from!

For only $14.90, you get a lifetime worth of good, usable entertainment that is sure to greatly improve your children's magic act!

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Author: Ginn, Taylor & Smith
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Retail Price: $14.90
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Manufacturer's Description:

Practical Advice on Entertaining Children

Learn how to be the best kids' show entertainer you can be from three of the top professional performers in the field. Pro's David Ginn, Steve Taylor and Sammy Smith share their combined years of professional experience and cover: Audience Participation, Treating Audience Helpers with Respect, Sucker Tricks for Kids, Entertaining Pre-Schoolers, Working Outdoor Family, Shows, Adult Volunteers In Kidshows, Mixing Messages with Magic, New Twists On Old Tricks, Entertaining Adults at Kidshows, and more. Softbound, 144 pages.

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