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Tru Test - U.F. Grant's Modern Magazine Test Review

Official Review

May 4th, 2012 2:54pm
Reviewed by Christian
This could have been great. Conceptually this is awesome. However, the myriad of technical mistakes almost renders this unusable.

Let’s look at only the page that I must slip into the magazine. It looks great. At first glance this will easily pass for a commercial magazine page. But, if you have someone read it, even a couple of lines, as the instructions say, you could be in trouble.

Here is an example of a couple of sentences on the page:
“We we go there he had left his refrigerator open.” And “The Jellyfish and all the kangaroo on the road came from the lightning from a few days ago.”

(The grammatical errors as written are on the page.)
In the first paragraph there are two grammatical errors and they continue throughout the page. It might easily give one pause when reading through this to select a word.
If you only present this to your family, friends, and the occasional public show, you will probably be fine. If you plan on presenting this over and over again in a working show, you will need to be keenly aware of the technical problems within this clumsily produced page. It could come back to bite you.

I read Jeff Stone’s review and my copy of this trick has the same problems. I can’t disagree with Jeff’s review, however, I would give it a couple of more stars as I think one could muddle through this trick as produced. The problem is . . . we didn’t need to, as the problems were not in the method but in the production of the trick itself.

Jeff, in his review, mentioned that (as the advertising copy says) you can pick any word on the page. You cannot. This can be a point of contention for some people who purchase the trick as there are methods that do allow you to literally pick any word on the page. Perhaps a picky point for most…but not for all.

There is another issue with this trick, however, I prefer not to discuss as it might give away the method. It’s not that the method doesn’t work, it’s simply clumsily employed in this product. That could result in a difficult time for the performer if they select a sharp eyed spectator.

The high price tag makes one believe that this should have been a much better produced product.

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Product info for Tru Test - U.F. Grant's Modern Magazine Test

Author: Kranzo, Nathan
Publisher: Nathan Kranzo
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $99.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

U.F. Grant's Tru Test was released over 80 years ago and inspired many modern day Magazine and Book Tests such as FLASHBACK by Larry Beck and Lee Earl, THE MASTER KEY by Terry Rogers, and probably the most infamous of them all The Mother Of All Book Tests, by Ted Karmilovich and many more. The TRU TEST is the cleanest test ever created. Why? Because they get to look at a page FULL OF WORDS and think of ANY word. Then you tell them! Many book tests try to duplicate the original TRU TEST but fail. Here are the instructions to the original TRU Test. I have changed very little, even using the majority of the original text. The only changes I have made are the fact that it is now a TIME or NEWSWEEK magazine rather than a Reader's Digest as was used originally. I have also updated the words and tried to make them more interesting. Other than's still the original brilliant idea from Johnnie Murray by U.F. Grant. - Kranzo
  • No Pre Show Work.
  • No Sleight of hand of any kind.
  • No switches.
  • No glimpsing.
  • No stooges.
  • No gimmicks you have to palm.
  • Volunteer can be on the other side of the room when you reveal their word!
  • No electronics.
  • Gimmicks Won't Break!
  • May be repeated!!!

Several pages are torn out of a current TIME magazine. A random page is chosen and handed to a volunteer. From then on you never handle the page. You ask the volunteer to TEAR the page in half and discard a piece dropping it to the floor. They continue to tear and discard pieces of the page until only a small piece remains. They can even CHANGE THEIR MIND AND exchange their final piece for ANY piece on the ground. The volunteer can now look at either side of the piece and and just THINK of a word. You can be blindfolded or across the room and tell them the word with 100% accuracy.

This is the real work on the magazine test. Period.

Once again. They have a choice of pages..........Having the entire freedom to look at either side of the page and think of ANY word is amazing. You can even CALL THEM FROM ANOTHER ROOM and tell them THEIR WORD OVER THE PHONE!!!

The best part is its SO EASY.

You will be able to perform it INSTANTLY.

When you purchase the TRU TEST Magazine Test KIT you will receive the instruction manual detailing routines, bonus ideas and all the nuances about the test.

You will receive 100 gimmicks that can be used OVER and over. Unless you destroy the gimmick in performance (you can destroy the gimmick as part of the routine if you'd like but it is totally up to don't have can use it over and over if you'd like). SO this will provide you with enough for WELL over 100 performances.

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