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Hypno Aces (DVD and Cards) Review

April 17th, 2012 3:23pm
Reviewed by Eric Henning
This is the review I wrote for the Linking Ring magazine.

"Hypno Aces" is a visual, simple packet trick that is likely to stun audiences. The audience sees both sides of four poker cards with Bicycle backs and unusual "hypnotic" spirals printed on the faces. After talking about how card cheats use hypnosis, the spiral faces change into four Aces, which are shown on both sides.

I knew this trick was a winner before I ever performed it. How? Because the same plot, with more logical cards and a far superior method, was released many years ago. You probably have it in your pocket right now. It's called "NFW."

I really don't know from where David Penn gets the nerve to release a slightly altered and inferior version of a hit trick and expects no one to notice!

This is really unfortunate, because the trick is a good one, and the gaffs are well-made. The reset is simple. The DVD is fine and teaches the necessary sleights, which are well within the reach of beginning card magi. The plot is probably best suited to beginners and hardened pros.

But they should not buy it, and neither should you.

This is not innovation; it's blatant copying, with just enough changes to avoid violating the originators' copyright. It may be legal; but I believe it is unethical, and for that reason alone, the author should not be encouraged.
Not recommended.

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Author: David Penn
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Every magician gets asked if they use their magic to cheat at cards. Imagine the spectators surprise when you prove that you can actually use hypnosis to create a winning hand.

You start by asking the spectator to stare at four hypnotic designs that produce a very strange visual effect in your hands. Is this an optical illusion or are they under your power?

They will have even more doubts when you snap your fingers and the hypnotic cards visually change into four aces which you can show on both sides.

Your spectators will be stunned but you will never get an invitation to their poker nights!

Comes complete with instructional DVD and gimmicked cards on Bicycle stock.

Running Time Approximately 27min

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