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Les Quicker Cartes Review

April 10th, 2012 10:25am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I've had this trick on my list, along with 'Prowling Jokers', for a few months now. Both are three phase routines, and come from Thompson's working reperatoire. They are also quite affordable, considering the effects, and the minds behind both routines.
The last phase of the trick, reminds me of 'Protean Cards', using only three cards. To me, it lifts Marlo's 'quick three way' to an even higher level of deception. The entire routine, has touches from Michael Skinner, Dai Vernon, Milt Kort, Marlo, and Meir Yedid. Thompson's own handling of the effect is described as 'more complicated' (really?!), and Yedid's version was indeed simplified, and earned the approval of Mr. Thompson. To me, this is a great intermediate effect, requiring some experience with some basic moves. But, it's the last phase of the routine that kills. A lay spectator, won't be aware of Marlo's quick three way sequence-a magician will. But the third and final revelation, will even throw a magician off, because the cards are shown back and front-fanned, even. While learning this, I isolated a packet of cards to practice the last phase which is a bit more complex than the standard 'three way' show. While I have not taken the routine out yet, I've little doubt in it's power-so long as the presentation is clean. This is one of those effects that almost makes me feel guilty-that for 10 bucks, I can learn and perform a master effect, the work having been done by minds alot more clever than my own! To me, this is an effect worth mastering, and having in one's group of reliable 'standards'. The final revelation I referred to, fooled ME as I was going through it. Clever, clever stuff!

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Author: Thompson, Johnny
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A powerful routine from the repertoire of one of the best in magic. Johnny Thompson has used his original Les Quick Cartes for many years. This new streamlined version is more visual, direct and is easier. Three cards are selected by three different spectators and are lost in the deck. You remove the top three cards off the deck stating that you will transform them into the three selections. You show the cards one at a time and each card is seen to be a duplicate of the first selection. After a magical gesture, all three cards are transformed into duplicates of the second selection. Finally, the three cards take on the identity of the third spectator's selection. Unlike the display of the first and second cards, these cards are simultaneously displayed on both sides - clearly showing three duplicates of the third selection. Audiences go wild at this point. It never fails. Comes with illustrated instructions and special poker size blue Bicycle cards. Use your own deck. Basic sleight-of-hand required.

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