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Fickle Fire Review

March 15th, 2012 2:20pm
Reviewed by Adam Sisti
Bought these from a convention, was not happy about the purchase. Noticed absetos being used. Isnt this material illegal to use? Flames are no where near the size in the photo shown. I am just going to sell these and try to see if Pyro Palms is still being made. My friend has them and they are really much better.

Adam Sisti

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Now . . . instant flames in both hands at once or one hand at a time!The two units supplied enable you to produce flames from either hand then to extinguish either flame at any time you wish. You can make a flame jump from hand to hand, produce flames fromyour pocket etc. Your audience never knows where or when it will appear. The routine is onlylimited by your own imagination. This is the most improved, amazing, bare-hand fire production ever. Youwill need to spend 5 minutes getting used to the operation of the mechanism, but there is nothing difficult. The units work with a flint wheel operation. Just imagine being able to walk onto the stage, raise your hands and to have flames leaping from your palms. There is no danger to the performer as long as common-sense is used, however we do NOT sell this apparatus to juniors. The units are supplied as a pair and cannot be sold separately.

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