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Codology Review

March 15th, 2012 2:20pm
Reviewed by Adam Sisti
Good effect, old standard. A bit price for me, but still a good effect.

Adam Sisti

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Author: Kovari
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Manufacturer's Description:

The performer holds a wooden bar about 15 inches long, and from it 3 pieces of rope are hanging. A fish is hanging from the right hand rope. You explain to the audience that this very intelligent fish is going to jump from line to line but it is a bit shy so it will do it behind your back. The bar is put behind your back for a second and when it re-appears the fish is hanging from the left hand rope. The audience will catch on and soon shout that you have turned it around. (Oh no I didn't - Oh yes you did!) This move is repeated until finally the fish jumps to the centre rope, which brings a big laugh as the audience realises that you have had them on all the time (yes! up to this point it is almost identical to the Monkey Bar). While the audience are still laughing you put the bar behind your back once more and one second later you have three fishes hanging, one from each rope! This is so unexpected that a tremendous applause will follow. If you time it well, the applause will be strong enough to walk off on.

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