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24Seven Vol. 1 Review

Official Review

April 9th, 2012 11:02am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
These DVDs were interesting. As a working pro, I can tell you that I have been using a large portion of this material. Out of most of the DVDs I’ve gotten for review, this one probably has the largest amount of material I will be using in my work.

That said, I found the rest of these DVDs to drag slightly, and the constant graphics and music get old after almost four hours. I personally feel that many of the weaker effects could have been left out, and there would still be enough commercial, usable card magic on a single disc that would be GREAT! Unfortunately, the less than stellar material keeps this from being a GREAT set. However, the remaining material, on it’s own, it REALLY good.

John Carey is a low key kind of performer. Since what you are paying for in this set are effects, not presentational advice or scripting, I will focus on just the effects that stood out for me on both discs!

Volume 1:

“Interlocking flyer” is a great transportation effect that is uber clear for the spectators to follow. There’s a lot of material like this on the discs, but this is one of my favorites.

“Imaginary Reality” is simply GREAT. As I was watching it, I was thinking, “Man, why didn’t I think of this?” This is more ‘mentalism with cards’ than a card trick. It looks perfect, and leaves the perfect image in the spectators mind. Probably my favorite card effect I’ve learned recently. Definitely the best effect one the DVD.

Volume 2:

“S.W.I. Interchange” is a great ‘collectors’ type routine where a four of a kind in a spectators hand changes places with a four of a kind in the magician’s pockets. There’s an extra moment that not only makes the effect clearer, it solves the problem of ‘transposing’ the last ace! This is something major that is lacking in these kinds of routines.

“Homing In” starts as a mind reading effect that ends with card to pocket. AND it’s all wrapped up with a lovely premise about the number thirteen, that also aids in the handling!

“When Nyquist met Lorayne” is too simple, too clear, and too much damn fun. This is a great hands off/challenge effect with a signed card.

Most of the material does not require a table, can be done at any time with any deck, and can be used with a signed card! Here are a few other quick stand outs: “Impulsive Revelation,” “3 thoughts 3 located,” “Interlocking Sandwich,” “An Impossible Conclusion,” “Triple Triumphant.”

Together, that’s TEN usable, professional, impromptu effects with a deck of cards! As someone who works four restaurants a week, material like this that I will use is always welcome.

Amateurs will also get some clever thinking, and fresh approaches to some classic plots!

Four Stars

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for 24Seven Vol. 1

Author: Carey, John
Publisher: RSVP - Russ Stevens
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

Welcome to Volume 1 of John Carey's 24Seven Project.

Featuring 12 stunning routines that you will use and suitable for all magicians, this is magic that packs a kicker punch!

"Practical and powerful! John's entire Handle With Carey series is a must for all cardicians. John strikes gold with his novel combination of doable, powerful and entertaining card magic."
- John Guastaferro

Featured routines Vol.1 include:

1.Simplex Transpo - John's very clean and direct transposition of two signed bank notes using a wonderful Tamariz idea

2.Gemini reflections - Using a wonderful Karl Fulves idea, spectator and magician replicate each other perfectly in this location

3.Coinkidinky - John's variant on a great Alan Ackerman effect. A very simple and strong production of a four of a kind

4.6 card O and W - A quick 4 phase oil and water that is ideal for strolling workers

5.Split and spread control - A very deceptive tabletop card control inspired by Bernard Billis

6.Interlocking flyer - A vanish and magical translocation of a selection

7.Kick- 4 Queens - a signed card and a ton of visual action in this walk- around worker

8.Imaginary Reality - John's take on the classic do as I do plot using a real deck and one in the imagination. A strong, memorable piece using a wonderful Vernon idea

9.Conscious/Subconscious - Another do as I do designed for the working magician

10.Two to Tango - A selection and a thought of number come together in this impromptu revelation involving 2 spectators

11.Crystal Transposition - A very direct divination and transposition combined. Perfect for restaurant and bar work

12.Shh it's a Mystery... - John's super direct and engaging approach to a Brother John Hamman card classic

Running Time Approximately: 2hrs -Worldwide Playback

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