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Ninja Rings, The Review

Official Review

May 6th, 2003 7:44pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
I had the good fortune of receiving a private performance of the Ninja Rings from Shoot Ogawa about one year prior to its release. I remember how the rings visibly passed through each other. I remember feeling the rings pass through each other. I remember the rings passing through each other in a manner that I did not think a key would allow.

It was one of the more magical experiences I had in a long time.

Consequently I was both thrilled and saddened when I heard of the routines release. Thrilled that I would be able to share that feeling with my audiences, saddened that everyone else would too.

I have since received the rings and DVD and have begun sharing the Ninja Rings with my audiences. They, like I, are happy.

The rings supplies are perfect for the job. While some may wonder if they could use just any 4 or 5 inch set, I would say, sort of. One local magician did just that and I had the chance to try his rings. In truth, I could not get the crash links to work as smoothly or as effortlessly.

I do not know if it was a psychological hang up on my part, or a specific difference in the rings, but there was a noticeable difference to me. Also, he didn't seem to be able to get as soft of a penetration as I could with mine. By that I mean, I could just 'tap' my rings and get them to penetrate and stop immediately after that moment.

Regardless, I can say that the rings supplied are both beautiful and functional. I don't think you will find a better set in the main stream market.

The DVD is excellent. Shoot does a good job of teaching, though some of the moves will require a lot of work. I would have liked to have seen better closeup's on the tabled unlink, and more pointers on the one handed blocked link, the spin link, and the link where the spectator taps their ring against yours.

The latter really could have had a lot more said about it, and I feel is really the only 'move' that was not given a thorough enough explanation. Clearly it is the kind of move that one must learn the "feel" for, but I think we all would have benefited from more explanation.

The DVD is well indexed and one should have little problem finding any element of the routine which they wish to review. One can also access a performance of the routine, and a run through of the routine move by move. I like the way Bob Kohler decided to give us many options in this regard, and hope other magic DVD manufacturers will decide to follow his lead.

Also, be sure to check out the intro sections. There you can watch Shoot's teacher Masahiro Yanagida, and fellow student Keiko, demonstrate their handling. Her light and elegant touch makes each penetration look like pure magic.

Of course, some people may not care for the routine's structure or Ogawa's style, but I assure you that the moves in person look better than any I've EVER seen in my lifetime in magic. They alone or worth the price of admission and could easily become the highpoints of any person's current linking ring routine.

A fabulous routine, terrific materials, excellent instruction: 5 stars.

Product info for Ninja Rings, The

Author: Ogawa, Shoot
Publisher: Bob Kohler Productions
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Ninja Rings is a routine that, once learned, will become a mainstay of your arsenal. The rings are only four and one half inches in diameter but the routine is perfect for formal close-up situations, walk-around, or intimate table-side magic. The rings are small and lightweight, but the routine is packed with power and extreme visual magic.

This DVD begins with performances by Masahiro and Keiko-the top demonstrator of the Ninja Rings at Wizards Inn, Inc., Masahiro?s stores. Shoot Ogawa then performs the routine before a live audience before explaining every technique in excruciating detail. Nothing is left out.

After each technique has been learned, Shoot goes through the entire routine again, but this time very slowly, clearly organizing the entire routine into the correct order for the student. At every step of the way, Shoot explains every facet in precise detail and includes many tips for proper performance.

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