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The Process Review

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January 15th, 2012 6:12pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I’m going to be extremely blunt with this review. I feel it’s a colossal waste of money. When I looked at the price after watching these DVDs, I was insulted. For one hundred dollars, you get two DVDs, each one barely an hour in length, five routines, and a ‘process’ to make your magic stronger, that has already been explored by other performers. The ‘profound’ process that Andrew describes is to ‘give your effect a premise, have a genuine conversation with your audience, and do magic that’s believable.’

He then demonstrates five effects on Bro Gilbert. They don’t go out and actually SHOW the process with real people, they stay in their log cabin in the woods and only talk about their theories, and only demo them on each other. However, they do talk about the live performances of effects that are performed and taught on True Astonishments, a $300 DVD set I do not own. How this is useful information that is worth a hundred bucks of my hard earned cash is an enigma to me.

The five effects are all standard effects with really long winded, unscripted presentations. Andrew even admits to not scripting. To quote Dale Carnegie, “Why would you insult your audience by assuming they weren’t worth preparing for?” A script should be invisible. Just because you saw a guy present his script badly, doesn’t make scripting useless. I can name ten of the best magicians of recent years and I guarantee you each one has a script.

The ‘advice’ on this DVD isn’t even obviousness that borders on mysticism, and some of it is just unhealthy, unhelpful advice priced at a hundred bucks. Use that money to buy a few of Eugene Burger’s books, learn how to be a REAL close up performer.

Half Star

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Product info for The Process

Author: Gerard, Andrew
Publisher: Andrew Gerard Henderson
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $100.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Andrew Gerard sits down with longtime friend, Bro Gilbert, and for the first time, reveals the invisible framework and formula, that may profoundly change the way you perform, create and even THINK about magic.

Gerard shows 5 effects that incorporate The Process.

The information contained in these DVD's will give you the ability to create an experience in people's lives that is beyond your imagination... you will never look at magic the same way again.

Total Running Time Approximately: 1hr 55min

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