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Kranzo's Comedy Magic and Mind Reading Lecture Review

Official Review

December 29th, 2011 11:52am
Reviewed by Christian
Nathan Kranzo is a fun guy, you like him. This DVD was recorded at Marc DeSouza’s lecture hall. The camera had no operator and just gives you a steady shot, most of the time Nathan’s head it not in the frame. I found this a bit irritating after a while. The DVD is long, so poor quality video, no editing, and an out of frame shot can start to annoy a viewer.

The information on the DVD: This is Nathan giving a lecture. There is a lot of material. If you have ever wanted to see Nathan give a lecture, I don’t think you will be disappointed. He does cover a great deal of material. For me, the material ran from the mundane to the “Wow, that was clever”.

If you are purchasing this to learn to be funny as the title suggests “Comedy Magic and Mind Reading Lecture”, don’t. Nathan is funny, but he is not teaching you to be funny. The material has some funny gags and lines but you will not be learning how to be a comedian.

If you want to see a Nathan Kranzo lecture, a long lecture, with lots of material, then I think the price is right. For my tastes, I had to deduct an extra star simply because the DVD is so poorly produced.

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Author: Kranzo, Nathan
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Watch Kranzo lecture for a live group of magician and mentalists. Kranzo is funny and entertaining as always in this JAM PACKED teaching DVD. Do yourself a favor and make your magic better by watching a Kranzo Lecture now.

This is the routine that Kranzo has honed for 15 years.
See the newest version and see why they call Kranzo a coin man.
Three phase coin effect that is all stand up using Silver Dollars.

Mene Tekel Effects
Comedy Card To Fly
Card In pocket
Instant Stooge
Instant Pocket Prediction
Billy McComb's Gag

Comedy Mentalism
Emotional Reaction Book Test
Diction Book Test
Lotto Prediction
The Frisbee Gag

In The Hands Haunted Pack
Kranzo Teaches how to use an old gimmick to cause a deck to cut, in their hands, while you aren't anywhere near them.

Cashing In Poker Chip/Silver Dollar Transformation
This production loads coin ON a spectator as you produce a coin. Great Effect. A bare handed production that will fool them. Then the Poker Chips change to Silver Dollars and you end clean.


This is Kranzo's Marketed Newspaper Test. Kranzo teaches it in full detail!
Great Stand Up Mentalism with audience interaction.

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