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Gambling Protection Library, Volumes 1-4 Review

Official Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
I don't care for videos and DVDs as a learning media. As a rule they offer little more than what could have just as easily been described by a competent author in book form. I also do not understand the purpose of "interview" sections on video tapes. There is nothing that requires visual representation in these segments, and by not including them in a text form, they make it difficult to absorb and contemplate this content on either leisurely or repeated attempts.

Having said that, if you are in the least bit interest in gambling sleights BUY THESE TAPES NOW!!!

I realize $195 is a hefty price tag, but there have never been a tape or series of tapes on the market which come close to the quantity, variety, and quality of material presented in the Steve Forte Protection Series. (In the interest of fairness, L and L has recently released a highly touted video on Black Jack cheating. I have yet to see this tape and sincerely hope it ranks with the Forte protection series in quality.)

Yes, books exist which teach this material, but you NEED these tapes because they show you 1) that the material really can be done, and 2) that it can be done deceptively.

Like many gambling tapes, these are intended to inform more than instruct. You will not receive detailed explanations on how to accomplish the moves. You will receive a brief description followed by a flawless demonstration. (Though brief, these descriptions are still more content laden than many comparable tapes on the market.) Any person truly interested in studying this material should already have (or be actively searching for) these moves in the printed literature. Here is your chance to see them performed by a master and with thoughtful viewing, extract certain finesses which may be omitted from the more traditional descriptions.

You will never find a greater resource on gambling moves performed by someone who REALLY did this stuff, under fire as a method of making a living. No pipe dream philosophy here, no glorified magico's with a copy of Erdnase under their pillow and a self appointed authority, this is the real deal from a real expert.

Oh, and the dice stuff will blow your mind.

Best ever. Yeah team.

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Author: Forte, Steve
Publisher: IGS
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $185.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Steve Forte is the expert's expert in the field of detection and prevention of cheating in all phases of gambling. This video series is a must for anyone who has ever played his or her money on a game of chance. Learn and protect yourself - avoid being cheated in all games played with cards and dice.

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