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Chapter One (with DVD) Review

Official Review

November 5th, 2011 10:28pm
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
With this release from Asi Wind, you receive a lovely little booklet along with a DVD of performances. Mr. Wind always produces great-looking material and takes care make sure the instructional portion matches the production values. So I wasn't surprised that the effects were very good.

I particularly liked Asi's takes on ACAAN and OUT OF THIS WORLD. I've always loved Asi's performance style and I think this release gives you a good idea of what he's about. He sprinkles in a few essays that tell you why he does what he does.

For the price, this is a steal. If cards are your thing, I think you'll find something here. Since I know Asi Wind does more than card magic, it would have been nice to have seen a few non-card items. Maybe that will be chapter two?

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Product info for Chapter One (with DVD)

Author: Asi Wind
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Manufacturer's Description:

Excerpt from the Preface of the book:

When I started working on this project, I was searching for a title for this booklet that would reflect my viewpoint on magician in a nutshell. The title I came up with was "Magic Evolution." This title conveys the idea that magic, like anything else in life, is a process of evolution, where one thing evolves to another. In other words, almost every trick "invented" was based on someone else's "invention." We are just updating, upgrading and modifying (not always with success) ideas and thoughts of other magicians from a prior stage of the evolution.

Now, some might object to the idea that everything in magic is just a modification or improvement of another idea. That might be true to some degree, but I do believe that even "revolutionary new ideas" grew out of influence and inspiration.

Obviously, the title "Magic Evolution" didn't make it to the cover, as it risked the implication of a historical treatise about the evolution of magic: therefore, "Chapter One" took its place. as this is the first chapter - for better or for worse - of my contributions to the evolution of magic.

I hope you will enjoy perfecting and performing the routines described in this booklet, and hopefully it will ignite your mind to take it further in the magic evolution.

-Asi Wind


Magic Evolution (preface)
Somebody Stop Me
Dishonesty (essay)
Red & Black
Out of the blue (or red)
The oxygen of suspense (essay)
Subliminal (essay)
Transportation in three phases
Last Words

Pages: 35 - Saddle Stitched, Photo-illustrated

DVD Running Time: Approximately 1hr 36min

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